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Military Fitness

Train like the combat swimmers. Maximum strength, endurance and speed

High physical fitness is an essential requirement for members of special forces in the military worldwide. Not only must you be strong, fast, enduring and agile, but you must also have the ability to push yourself beyond your respective limits to be ready for any situation. To fit all these attributes into your daily training schedule, you'll use techniques that are time-saving and effective.

This book will show you how you can get as fit as you are to withstand all the stresses of everyday life and promote your health. Such a workout can be done anywhere, as it doesn't require a gym, and can be integrated into a busy daily schedule. Only your body and a few tools will help you achieve fast and impressive results.

The book begins by explaining the current state of cardio, strength, and flexibility training and what health benefits can be derived from each area of training. Further, it provides some physiological basics that enable the reader to understand the body's adaptation process to training, thereby creating a foundation upon which the reader, beyond the training plans in this book, can create their own plans for their goals. Furthermore, the book provides an overview of the equipment that can be used for outdoor training, both in terms of training equipment and clothing and personal gear.

The main part is dedicated to the various exercises, which are presented in the form of training circuits with many illustrations and which are part of the presented multi-week training plans for beginners and advanced.

The book is rounded off by a short nutrition section, which gives an overview of the most important components of the daily food intake.

19,6 x 25,4 cm, Paperback, 378 photos, color, 2 illustrations, color, 6 tables, color, language German

Fact Sheet of Military Fitness

Product Name: Military Fitness
Manufacturer: Meyer & Meyer Sportverlag
Item Code: MSV275251
activity: Trailrunning, Fitness
book version: guidebook
ISBN: 978-3-89899-966-3
publication date: 07.07.2020
number of pages: 288
author / publisher: Andreas Aumann, Torsten Schreiber
publishing house: Meyer & Meyer Verlag
book theme: Training
Manufacturer page: http://www.dersportverlag.de/