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Spiuk - Cycling Clothing with Style and Function

Spiuk Cycling Clothing offers a wide range of clothing and equipment for cyclists and triathletes. Here you will find the right outfit: Starting with shoes and socks, pants and jerseys, to sports glasses and helmets. With Spiuk cycling clothing you are perfectly equipped. Even in rain and cold: Spiuk's unique Cold & Rain collection brings you even in bad weather warm and dry to the finish.

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Spiuk Cycling Clothing: Quality from the Basque Country

Located in the north of Spain, a short distance south of Bilbao, is the picturesque Ayala Valley. Amidst a magnificent landscape of rolling hills, mystical peaks and breathtaking mountain roads is the home of Spiuk. For more than twenty years, the backdrop of the Basque Country has served as inspiration for every Spiuk helmet, Spiuk jersey and Spiuk shoe. Clothing from Spiuk enjoys great popularity in all cycling disciplines. From the Tour de France to the Ironman in Hawaii: Spiuk clothing is an integral part of the outdoor sports scene.

Spiuk Helmets: Perfect Protection for the Head

If you are looking for a Spiuk helmet, a wide selection awaits you. With their helmet portfolio, the Basques cover all types of cycling: from extremely lightweight, optimally ventilated road bike helmets to mountain bike enduro helmets, from stylish urban commuting helmets to aerodynamic Spiuk triathlon helmets. Spiuk uses modern technologies for its helmets that make your life easier and protect you perfectly. So that the head protection fits perfectly, the proven BOA system is used on many models. The locking of the helmet strap is quick and convenient thanks to Fidlock magnetic closure. In addition to the helmet models for adult women and men, various Spiuk children's helmets are on offer.

Stylish and Functional: Spiuk Cycling Clothing

Spiuk jerseys and cycling shorts are not only functional: they look exceptionally good! Spiuk clothing is stylish, chic, modern, but not obtrusive. A Spiuk Jersey signals that cycling is more than a sport to you. Spiuk stands for passion and for an attitude towards life. And Spiuk stands for quality: of course, high-quality, functional materials are used. For example, the Ergodrywarm fabrics with which Spiuk transitional jerseys ensure that you stay warm even in fresh temperatures. 

What is true for a Spiuk helmet can also be said for Spiuk cycling clothing: Spiuk covers all disciplines of cycling. There are skin-tight, aerodynamically optimized race jerseys and casual-fitting MTB Enduro jerseys. There are Spiuk summer clothing, light jackets for the transition and special garments such as Spiuk rain jackets or Spiuk windbreaker jackets. The latter can be folded so small that they disappear in the jersey pocket. They are windproof, but well ventilated. So that you are seen in the dark, the Spiuk windbreaker jacket has reflective logos.

The Spiuk Cold & Rain Collection

Spiuk clothing from the Cold & Rain Collection is perfect for real dirty days. When it storms and rains, Cold & Rain parts provide the protection you need for a comfortable ride in the most difficult conditions. To achieve this, a lot of experience is needed, which Spiuk undoubtedly has. Equally important are high-quality materials and technologies that protect against wind and weather. Spiuk, for example, uses these materials:

Hipora is a waterproof, breathable mid-layer for Spiuk winter gloves. It has a special polyurethane coating with fine micropores that let your sweat out, but not the rain in. Ergodry Warm is a special fabric for winter. It warms and provides the muscles with the right amount of compression for ideal blood circulation. In addition, it is exceptionally comfortable as well as breathable. This material is used in winter gloves from Spiuk. Paris HP Hybrid Cell seat pads are processed in the long winter BIBs from Spiuk. These inserts are thin and lightweight. At the same time, they are breathable, wear-resistant and exceptionally comfortable. They are said to provide optimal comfort for up to seven hours. Spiuk uses these inserts for both road bike, gravel and MTB pants.

Of course, these are just a few examples of technologies Spiuk uses in its cycling apparel. What we want to show with this: The Basques attach great importance to high quality and materials tailored to the intended use.

Full Vision At All Times With Spiuk Glasses

Spiuk glasses offer you all-round protection for the eyes. Whether wind, insects or UV rays: Spiuk glasses keep harmful influences away from your eyes, so you have the perfect view. From frameless Spiuk road bike glasses to stylish sunglasses: The selection is huge, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect Spiuk glasses for you. Thanks to modern technologies, you meet the highest standards. For example, polarized lenses are used. They reduce reflections and ensure high visual comfort. The hypoallergenic material Spiuk Rubber XT is extremely grippy and ensures that your Spiuk glasses do not slip even if you sweat. In addition to the unisex glasses for men and women, Spiuk children's glasses are on offer.

Perfectly Equipped from Head to Toe: Spiuk Cycling Shoes

The highlight of the Spiuk shoe models is without a doubt the Profit road cycling shoe. It is packed with great features like the double BOA closure, the efficient carbon sole and the lightweight, breathable upper. This shoe looks like pure speed. It perfectly embodies what all other Spiuk shoes also: the perfect combination of function, comfort, efficiency and style. Spiuk has shoes for all cycling disciplines in the program. There are Spiuk shoes for graveleeinsatz, for the road and Spiuk MTB shoes. Spiuk has complementary a flat pedal MTB shoe in the program, whose casual style gives you a good figure on the bike and in everyday life.