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Finish Line

Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3 Grunge Brush Combo 2

Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3 Grunge Brush Combo 2

A complete set to clean and take care of bicycle chains in a professional way.

  • Grunge Brush
  • Eco-Tech 2 115ml
  • Teflon Plus Dry Lube 60ml

Grunge Brush
Chain and gear cleaning has never been faster or easier! Scrub the chain with the compact bristles of The Grunge Brush to clean all four sides of a chain. Use the long bristled end to clean other components like sprockets, derailleurs, crankset, brakes and pedals.

Eco-Tech 2
A degreaser that quickly cleans without damage to plastic or rubber components. Strong enough for the grimiest metal parts, yet safe enough to clean parts with rubber o-rings and seals, urethane elastomers and painted surfaces.

Teflon Plus
Finish Line Dry Lube goes on wet, but then sets up in a dry, "paste-like" film so it will not attract or absorb grit and grime. Teflon® fluoropolymer and specialized synthetic oils run silky smooth and provide excellent durability. Perfect for on or off-road riding - especially in dry, dirty, dusty conditions, while still providing adequate wet weather performance. Holds up to extreme pressures and resists water wash-off. A very versatile all-weather chain lubricant. Also, use on derailleurs, brake and shifter pivots. Features superior penetration qualities. Finish Line Dry Lube provides incredible drivetrain efficiency without attracting an excessive amount of contaminants.
Included in delivery: Grunge Brush, 115ml Eco-Tech 2, 60ml Teflon Plus Dry Lube

Fact Sheet of Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3 Grunge Brush Combo 2

Product Name: Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3 Grunge Brush Combo 2
Manufacturer: Finish Line
Item Code: FNL173059
activity: Cycling
care & clean application: Chain Cleaning
care & clean accessories: Chain Cleaner
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
weight: 386g
Manufacturer page: