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Amplifi Protectors - Excellent Fit for Every Riding Style

The best thoughts come to you when you're on a bike, don't they? At least, that's how it works at Amplifi. The people behind the brand from Germany have one thing in common: they are enthusiastic mountain bikers. They love their sport and they know what material you can have fun with. This gave rise to the idea of manufacturing products that are made the way you want them to be. This is how the first protector collection was born. Today Amplifi offers protectors for men, women and kids for all MTB disciplines. In addition, bags, backpacks and clothing can be found in the Amplifi portfolio.

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Amplifi Backpacks & Protectors from Riders for Riders

There are many protectors for mountain biking. Let's be honest: How many manufacturers of MTB protective gear actually know what they are doing? With Amplifi this is definitely the case. Every backpack and every protector of the german brand is tested exhaustively before it goes into series production. The drive for this is the Amplifi employees' own passion. Mountain biking is a way of life here - and you can tell that from Amplifi products. No wonder that Amplifi protectors have won several awards. Whether for men, women or kids: Amplifi has suitable protectors for all riders and for every purpose in the program, which fit as if they were tailor-made.

Mountain biking is a great nature-based cycling discipline that comes with a certain amount of risk. Pointed stones, branches and the odd rapid riding maneuver make protectors indispensable. There is no such thing as "the one" perfectly fitting protector for everything and everyone. Bodies differ just as much as riding styles and areas of use. A downhill racer needs a completely different protective gear than an enduro rider or than kids who train their riding skills on the pump track. At Amplifi they know that. After all, they themselves are passionate about sitting in the saddle and know all the varieties of mountain biking. The Amplifi protector collection is very large for this reason. There are special protective clothing for men, women and kids. In addition, all disciplines are covered from light all-mountain use, through enduro, downhill to dirt jump.

All-Round Protection with Integrated Refreshment: Amplifi Backpacks

In addition to Amplifi protectors, the brand from the Allgäu has specialized in the production of mountain bike backpacks. Amplifi backpacks come in all sorts of designs. There are simple mountain bike backpacks for traveling and those with integrated protectors or hydration systems. For small trips, Amplifi Hip Bags are part of the range.

Amplifi MTB backpacks with integrated back protectors are exceptionally smart. A special back protector made of the high-tech material Sas-Tec is integrated in them. This material is lightweight and soft. It only hardens when a blow is applied to it. In the event of a fall, it provides optimum protection while delivering perfect comfort. With optional hydration packs from Source, you can quickly upgrade your Amplifi backpack to a hydration pack. The hydration pack is available in different sizes, so you can take the right amount of water with you for every tour. By tube and mouthpiece you can drink while riding and you are optimally supplied with liquid at all times.

Amplifi Bags: Sophisticated Companions for Traveling

Traveling is part of mountain biking. Sometimes it's the weekend trip to the bike park, sometimes a whole MTB vacation in the Alps. You are annoyed enough about unstable or bulky travel bags? At Amplifi, they know what that's like. So they asked themselves the question: why not make it better yourself? The result was a small, fine series of Amplifi travel bags. From the voluminous travel bag with 115 liters of storage space to the compact hand luggage for air travel, everything is available. The "Travel Torino" is exceptionally well thought out. The small bag is the perfect companion for short trips and can be strapped to the back like a backpack when needed. Various compartments ensure order and separate, for example, the clean clothes from dirty shoes.

Amplifi Accessories for All Situations

Over time, more and more practical accessories have joined the Amplifi range. From clothing to small parts - the main thing is that you like to use it yourself. At Amplifi you will find belts, bike gloves, caps, socks, shirts, shirts and all kinds of other accessories.