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Exped - Sleeping Bags & Expedition Equipment for your Outdoor Adventure

The Swiss company Exped from Zurich was already founded in 1983 by Heidi and Andreas Brun. At that time, the two distributed products of well-known outdoor manufacturers and did not yet have their own articles. It was not until 1997 that Exped introduced tents to the market and landed a complete success with the development of the gable tunnel tent model "Orion". Year after year, new innovations followed. Exped is now one of the leading manufacturers of tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, sleeping pads, hammocks and much more for your next outdoor adventure.

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Exped - High Quality Equipment for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Bikepackers

The now successful company Exped first started in 1983 as a classic distributor. Heidi and Andreas Brun from Zurich founded the brand to distribute equipment from well-known manufacturers in the outdoor sector. It was not until about 14 years later that Exped also began to develop its own products and landed a complete success with its first launch. The new type of gable tunnel tent called "Orion" inspired the outdoor world and also meant the starting signal for Exped's international success. Today, Exped sells its outdoor equipment in 26 countries worldwide and enjoys a large following. The fans trust especially in the high quality and low weight of Exped products.

Exped stands for perfection and attention to detail. The so-called "Swissness" of the Swiss manufacturer ensures well thought-out outdoor equipment that revolutionizes the industry at regular intervals. Exped wants to provide you with a maximum nature experience with minimal means. It doesn't matter if you're out in the woods behind the house, climbing peaks in the Alps, or exploring foreign lands on your own. Exped caters to outdoor athletes whose adventures require maximum performance with minimum weight. Discerning customers want smart and sophisticated products that make their outdoor experience even better.

The Swiss focus is on Exped tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags. But Exped also offers backpacks, hammocks, pack sacks and ponchos.

In general, Exped is aimed at all types of people who are active in nature. Primarily these are hikers, but also cyclists and bikepackers appreciate the proven Exped quality.  

Exped Tents, Sleeping Bags and Mats in Swiss Quality

What started with a single tent in 1997 has grown into a full-range supplier for expeditions and outdoor adventures. Exped's range includes mainly:

  • Exped tents
  • Exped sleeping bags
  • Exped sleeping mats, sleeping pads and air mattresses

Exped Sleeping Pads for a Restful Sleep in Nature

When spending the night in nature, besides a suitable place to sleep, the base is important. With an Exped sleeping pad you can sleep comfortably and recharge your batteries for the next day. Exped sleeping pads are available in different variations and sizes. A low weight in combination with compact packing dimensions makes it easy to stow in or on an Exped backpack.

With an Exped Sleeping Bag Freezing is a Thing of the Past

A sleeping bag protects you from getting chilled at night and keeps you comfortable - even on the highest peaks of the mountains. An Exped sleeping bag is lined with either down or synthetic material. The temperature range of Exped sleeping bags goes down to minus 15° Celsius. Models with water-repellent materials, where the zipper is located either on the left, right or in the middle, are a matter of course. Sleeping bags are offered in the categories Trekking, Expedition, Base Camp and Fast+Lite.

Sustainability is a Top Priority at Exped

In order to act as sustainably as possible, Exped offers further service after the expiration of their 5-year warranty. With the Exped repair service you can also extend the life of your Exped tent, sleeping bag or sleeping pad and avoid or delay new purchases. This repair service is also an important feedback factor in terms of product development and improvement at Exped. All information from the repair department is bundled and evaluated at the appropriate positions. In this way, the Swiss succeed in making the next Exped sleeping bag or tent even better.

The topic of sustainability is of course taken even further at Exped. Many items are made from recycled materials and are certified climate neutral. In this way, Exped makes its active contribution to ensuring that less plastic waste ends up in landfills. Thus, generally less water, energy and CO2 is produced during manufacturing.