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Kids Bike Trailers – Enjoy a Comfortable and Safe Ride with Your Children

Bike trailers for kids offer the ideal opportunity for our youngest ones to gather their first experiences with bicycles and everything related to them. The kids can easily join you and gather many impressions during the ride. And on top of that you get to explore new paths in terms of how to tackle long bike rides together with the whole family. We’ll explain what to keep in mind when you plan on buying a bike trailer for children and also clarify the various advantages and special features of such a trailer. Furthermore you will find useful advice on the assembly and construction. Read more

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Kids Bike Trailers Provide Flexibility and Joy

It is recommendable to use a bike trailer for children right from the beginning since it can be used before a child bike seat as it does not require to be able to sit upright on ones own. 

You can easily accommodate not only 1 or 2 children but also other items in the trailer - there is more than enough space. And in case you don't feel like cycling you can use the trailer as a buggy or multisport trailer, e. g. for running. Many models are versatile and can be converted quickly and easily.

Bike Trailers for Kids – Benefits and Features

A kids bike trailer is being used before you mount a child seat on your bike, because the child or baby can easily be carried in an appropriate seat in the trailer. The brands Thule, Croozer, Burley, Queridoo and XLC are among the best-known manufacturers of bike trailers for children on the market. Their main benefits are the high degree of flexibility, versatile functionality and durability. Therefore they can easily be converted into a children's buggy or jogging trolley with appropriate upgrade kits. 

If you mount a rain or sun cover the trailer can be used in all weather conditions and is usually equipped with UV protection incorporated in the outer fabrics and even the windows. Often these outer materials are also water-repellent – so that even a rain shower won’t be interfering with your plans. Depending on the duration and intensity of sunlight or rainfall, you should always have these accessories with you on longer trips. Even when it's cold outside, you don't have to put your child trailer in the garage for the winter break – well-insulated footmuffs keep your child warm and comfortable. 

The materials of the seat ensure a balanced climate during the ride for the children in the trailer. The brand Croozer for example uses climatex®, a particularly breathable material that helps cool you down in the summer and keeps you warm during colder days. This effect is achieved by using a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers inside the seats. If you are taking good care of your kids bike trailer, service it regularly and store it appropriately to protect it from external influences it will last for many years and retain its value.

Kids Bike Trailers – Safety and Construction

Due to the robust chassis with a type of roll bar, a low centre of gravity, integrated safety belts and a rotating coupling for crash situations most bicycle trailers for kids are already well equipped with safety features. Nevertheless, your child should wear a helmet when riding in the trailer – better safe than sorry. Some models come with an additional safety device on the clutch in case it breaks during the ride. 

Partially sensor-controlled lighting elements for the front and rear as well as reflectors on the outer surface of the bike trailer increase visibility and safety additionally. Furthermore they are also legally required starting at a trailer width of 60 cm. If not already pre-mounted you must always attach a red rear light and reflectors to the trailer. This enhances the level of safety especially when driving at dusk or in the dark.

An integrated hand brake for stopping on downhills is common. Selected models from the manufacturer Thule are additionally equipped with a brake that is used when braking in motion, for example when jogging or when using the kids bike trailer as a buggy. 

Inside of a kids trailer there are safety belts which should be fastened before every ride. Ergonomically shaped seat shells increase comfort, which is especially important for long trips. Most likely you will also ride on rough surfaces occasionally where things can get bumpy. In order to compensate shocks during the ride many trailers come with a balanced suspension. It is often comprised of the tires and additional suspension elements which can be adjusted individually depending on the terrain you are riding on. 

As mentioned before, depending on your plan it is useful to buy complementary products for the kids bike trailer such as thru axles, tow bars for kids bikes, tandem clutches or additional accessories for weather protection. This way your child can enjoy the variety of functions of a bicycle trailer.

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