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Bike Cargo Trailer - Transport of Heavy Loads Made Easy

By combining it with a cargo trailer, you can turn your bicycle into an environmentally friendly and cost-effective commercial vehicle, which can easily replace the car in urban areas. On top of that, you reduce fuel costs and stay active - so you not only save money, but also do something good for your health. Transporting your shopping is no problem at all with a bike cargo trailer and thanks to its large storage space you can also transport larger items, including furniture. Read more

Cargo Trailers for Bicycles Reduce the Load in Everyday Life

Are you thinking about spending your holiday doing an extensive bike trip, but still need a way to transport bulky or heavy luggage?

A cargo trailer for bicycles makes it possible. Additional bags mounted on the bikes create further storage possibilities and make you even more flexible. When choosing a trailer, in addition to the specific purpose and price, the safety aspect should also be considered carefully.

In general, your bicycle must be designed for the use of a trailer - this information can usually be found in the bicycle's user manual or can be obtained from the manufacturer. Find out which bike cargo trailer is the right one for your plans and discover different models in the BIKE24 online shop.

Safety, Construction and Assembly of Bike Cargo Trailers

The benefit of a havy duty cargo trailer for bicycles, with which large loads and bulky objects can be transported in an environmentally friendly way, is undisputed. Compared to a cargo bike, the trailer offers even more advantages:

  • You can use the bicycle separately.
  • The cargo bicycle trailer takes up less space than a cargo bike.
  • A cargo trailer is cheaper than a cargo bicycle.

Riding your bike with a cargo trailer attached needs to be practiced - you should always take the curves a little more generously at reduced speed. In addition, with a fully loaded trailer, careful braking is essential in general and especially in curves. However, a few practice rides will help you to get used to the cargo bike trailer in no time.

Before you get on your bike, checking the brakes is just as important as keeping a safe distance while riding. Depending on the route, the load and the surface, the tire pressure should be adjusted accordingly. A higher pressure is recommended for riding on asphalt, on gravel it can be reduced to benefit from better suspension. Regular checking of the tire tread depth of the bicycle transport trailer prevents sudden tire damage and increases the feeling of safety. A cargo trailer with a large wheel and tire diameter allows you to use less power while riding, as the rolling resistance is lower compared to small wheels.

An even distribution of the load makes the journey much easier - it is best to place heavy objects as low and close to the axle as possible. The payload of bike cargo trailers can be up to 45 kg depending on the model. This weight should not be exceeded. As the trailers themselves are usually lacking brakes themselves and are slowed down via the brakes on the bicycle itself, it is recommended that the payload is not used up to the maximum permitted weight. Once everything has been stowed, it is time to start securing the load - this is how you avoid unnecessary slipping or even loss of the load during the journey. Lashing belts and tarpaulins are helpful here, as they allow you to secure the load well. 

Single-Track and Two-Track Bike Cargo Trailers

Two-track bike cargo trailers are usually made of robust steel and are attached to the bike with a drawbar via a coupling. Fastening to the left drop-out using a quick-release axle is the most anti-tilt solution. The axle must be long enough to accommodate the coupling part of the bicycle. Flat dropouts are more favourable for mounting, as the coupling head can lie flat. You can find couplings and various related parts in our accessories category.

Single-track cargo trailers are very versatile and are ideal for use with bicycles that are not compatible with luggage racks, such as road bikes or mountain bikes. Even families with small children or expedition cyclists will get their money's worth with these trailers. With optimum payload, they convince with quiet, direct handling, even in curves. The frames of these trailers are usually made of aluminium, the luggage or load is then placed on a robust plastic plate. The load is also secured by means of tension belts and tarpaulins. It is attached to the wheel by means of a drawbar and coupling, but some models can also be connected directly to the seat post

Buy Your Bike Trailer Online at BIKE24

Here are the most important points you should pay attention to when buying a cargo bike trailer:

  • Check whether your bicycle is approved for use with a cargo trailer and whether it is possible to attach it. 
  • Can you fit a coupling on your bicycle?
  • Good bicycle brakes, such as disc brakes, are a basic requirement for mounting a cargo trailer.
  • Reflectors & lights on the trailer are mandatory. 
  • Secure the load well and do not exceed the permissible payload.
  • Stability and workmanship should be important for the durability of the trailer.
  • Is it possible to use other accessories such as rain cover or additional bags?

In addition to the bike cargo trailers, you will also find a large selection of special kids bike trailers and dog bike trailers in the BIKE24 online shop.

Are you already planning your next long trip with lots of luggage or do you want to transport heavy loads like your weekly shopping with your bike? Then take your time and have a look at the selection of different bike load trailers in the BIKE24 online shop. You are not sure which model best fits your plans? Then simply contact our customer service.