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Bike Trailers for Dogs and Other Four-Legged Friends

Having your faithful four-legged companion with you during every adventure is no big deal – with a matching dog trailer for your bicycle. But which size is the right one, which accessories are necessary and which functionalities should you attach importance to? We will give you an answer to all these questions. In any case, it is helpful if you already know exactly how often and for what purpose you want to use the trailer. Are you planning on going on a big holiday or are you just cycling to the park around the corner? In the BIKE24 online shop you will find the right trailer for your dog. Read more

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Bicycle Dog Trailer – What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Trailer

There are large and small, light and heavy dogs - but the same is true in every case: the trailer size must fit the dog and provide sufficient space and freedom of movement. This applies to both the dimensions and the weight. If you are unsure, you can also simply measure your dog to determine the correct trailer size. To ensure sufficient safety, the trailer should not be too large, as to prevent your dog from skidding in difficult traffic situations, when you have to hit the brakes suddenly for example. 

Suspended bicycle trailers for dogs are especially useful on long distances, especially if you roll over rough terrain and not just over smooth surfaces. In addition, the following characteristics are important when choosing the right dog trailer:

  • Windows and fly screens provide good ventilation and allow access from different sides.
  • Reflectors and lighting on the trailer provide more visibility and safety for you and your furry friend on the road.
  • The bicycle dog trailer should not weigh more than 15 kg in total - this is usually ensured by using light materials such as a frame made of aluminum.
  • A rain and wind resistant outer fabric made of polyester or nylon protects the dog from unpleasant weather conditions.
  • It should be possible to attach an inner leash to the trailer. This prevents the dog from getting out of the trailer when he should not.
  • For transport, it is convenient if the trailer is foldable. Removable parts such as the floor pan or tires can also be cleaned more easily.

You want to offer your dog even more comfort during your rides together? Then it is advisable to look for a suitable padding for the interior of the trailer. Again, there are several options, ranging from non-slip and more robust ones to soft, comfortable mats - depending on the type of surface your dog feels more comfortable on.

Bicycle Trailers for Dogs - Further Functionalities and Safety

We have already talked about the right size of the trailer, but you can also choose a model with a more flat or higher body. If your dog prefers to "sit" or rather "stand", this can give you an idea of which type is more suitable. A universal coupling can make the trailer compatible with different bikes. However, you should first check whether your bicycle is generally designed for the use of trailers. If you like jogging, there are models that can be quickly and easily converted to a jogger trailer, similar to the children's bike trailer. You simply mount the 3rd wheel on the trolley and can immediately start running together with your dog. 

The subject of safety plays an important role, as it does in general with cycling, so it does with regards to dog bicycle trailers. A roll bar and impact protection should be part of the standard equipment as well as an anti-tipper which, as the name suggests, prevents the trailer from tipping over in a dangerous situation. If you want to be on the safe side, use a safety swivel coupling, which provides extra protection against the trailer tipping over. The above-mentioned inner leash prevents your dog from making unplanned trips out of the trailer. For trips during darkness and twilight, both reflectors and lights must be mounted on the outside of the trailer. The reflectors are usually already attached to the outer fabric, preferably all around the trailer. To increase safety during cycling, an appropriate driving behavior generally contributes to more safety.

Bike Trailers – The Right Trailer for Every Dog

Is your dog already a little older or has a few ailments? Then he is the ideal candidate for a dog-bike trailer, because long trips and off-road adventures will be a real enrichment for her or him. The same applies if you are a frequent cyclist and often have the opportunity to take your dog along with you.

For particularly large dogs, the trailer should ideally have 3 wheels for greater stability. There is only one last step left - namely getting the dog used to the new vehicle. This can be very quick or it can be a bit of a lengthy process, depending on your dog's temperament and character. In any case, patience and treats are essential. Try to get your dog used to the trailer step by step and involve him actively in the acclimatization phase, then sooner or later it will work.

Bike Trailers for Dogs Buy Online at BIKE24

Now you are ready for your first ride with your dog, no matter which activity you had in mind. You know your dog best. Go check out our selection of dog bike trailers in the BIKE24 online shop.