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milKit Head for Tubeless Booster

milKit Head for Tubeless Booster

Replacement head for the milKit Tubeless Booster. For utilization the milKit 750 ml bottle (or similar) is required.

For more safety and durability, the improved, second version of the Booster's head uses stronger, more rigid materials and features structural reinforcements which include for example an additional steel ring.


milKit 2nd Generation - Making tubeless easy, again.

To mount a tubeless tire, a huge air blast is required to force the tire bead into the rim flange and seal it. With a conventional air pump, this works rather rarely, depending on tire and wheel combination. Compressors are often used for this purpose, which can be found at petrol stations or workshops. milKit's Tubeless Booster is now available so that this can be done on the go and without a compressor. A special advantage: the bottle can also be used as a drinking bottle.


Note: The video shows the former, first version of the Booster.


milKit Tubeless Booster Technology:

The core technology of the milKit booster is the valve-actuated slider that releases the air directly into the valve stem. No hose. No additional valve.

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While the booster is compatible with any tubeless tire valve, it works best with milKit tubeless valves. Because you remove the valve core before inflating tubeless tires (to achieve the highest possible air flow), a conventional tubeless valve does not act as a one-way valve anymore. The patented milKit valves have an additional rubber flap at the bottom that works as an additional one-way valve. Inflate the booster, press it on the valve, remove it, and your tires is installed. No hassle and no stress.


Content of delivery: 1 Tubeless Booster adapter

Fact Sheet of milKit Head for Tubeless Booster

Product Name: milKit Head for Tubeless Booster
Manufacturer: milKit
Item Code: MIK410930
activity: Cycling
Air pressure: 11bar
Pump accessories: Valve Head
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
Manufacturer page: