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milKit Tubeless Booster - 750 ml

milKit Tubeless Booster - 750 ml

milKit - Making tubeless easy - again

The modular tubeless booster from milKit is the lightest, most portable and most efficient tubeless inflation aid on the market. The booster is compatible with all tubeless valves and ensures that even 29'' tires sit smoothly on the rim. Since the air pressure flows directly from the booster into the tire (without tube and additional valves), no pressure is lost and the tire can be inflated extremely efficiently. With only 150 grams, the ultra-light booster can also be used as a water bottle - the corresponding cap for the bottle is included.

The milKit Booster replaces a conventional compressor, is inexpensive, lightweight and very easy to use. For increased safety and durability, the revised, second version of the booster head uses a stronger material and has structural reinforcements, which include an additional steel reinforcement ring.

To mount a tubeless tire, a huge blast of air is needed to quickly press the tire bead into the rim flange and seal the tire. With a conventional air pump this works, depending on the tire and rim combination, rather rarely. Compressors are often used for this purpose, which can be found at gas stations or in garages. So that this also succeeds on the road and without a compressor, there is now the Tubeless Booster from milKit. A special advantage: the bottle can also be used as a drinking bottle as a nice side effect.

The milKit Tubeless Booster Technology:

The core technology of the milKit Tubeless Booster is the valve-actuated slider that delivers air directly into the valve stem. No tube. No additional valve. Although the booster is compatible with any tubeless tire valve, it nonetheless works best with milKit tubeless valves. Because milKit valves remove the valve core before inflating tubeless tires (to achieve the highest possible air flow), a conventional tubeless valve no longer works as a one-way valve. The patented milKit valves have an additional rubber flap in the lower area, which acts as an additional one-way valve. Inflate the booster, press on the valve, remove and the tires are mounted. No hassle or stress at all.

To use the milKit Tubeless Booster:

  • Inflate booster with bicycle pump
  • Remove valve heart for better air flow
  • Press booster onto the valve - boost. With the milKit valves, the air stays in the tire even without the valve heart installed, thanks to the additional rubber flaps.
  • Fill sealing milk into the pressurized tire with the milKit syringe.
  • Screw in the valve heart and inflate the tire until it completely pops onto the rim
  • With the milKit booster, full pressure transfers to the valve. There is no loss in a hose or additional valves, which makes the booster the most efficient booster solution.
  • With the relatively small bottle can therefore also large tires such as 29 plus be effortlessly inflated.

The bottle itself is compatible with conventional bottle cages (∅ 74 mm) and can be pumped with a maximum air pressure of 11 bar (160 psi). For use as a drinking bottle, a bottle cap is included with the booster next to the head. The aluminum bottle has the same thread as the bottles from SIGG, Laken and many others.

Fact Sheet of milKit Tubeless Booster - 750 ml

Product Name: milKit Tubeless Booster - 750 ml
Manufacturer: milKit
Item Code: MIK452751
activity: Cycling
Air pressure: 11bar
Valve Type: Presta (Sclaverand)
pump version: Pressure Reservoir for Tubeless
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
Manufacturer page: https://www.milkit.bike/