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Rab Clothing: With Passion to the Summit

When you conquer a new summit the goal is the only thing you want to have in mind. Rab jackets, pants and down sleeping bags support you in all things. This robust, adaptable material protects, warms and offers complete freedom of movement. You can expect a durable und extracted jacket and equipment design, that focusses on you and your love of the mountains. Well-engineered technologies and functional design make these outdoor products so successful. Find your Rab Clothing in our BIKE24 online shop!

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Rab: A Company With a Past and a Future

When the first Rab sleeping bag was sewn in 1981, it was the handiwork of company found Rab Carrington himself. In the attic of a small terraced house in Sheffield, the company founder incorporated his many years of experience from expeditions and mountaineering. In doing so he struck a chord with a great many lovers of the outdoors who shared his passion for bare rock faces and rough winds.
The minimalist, straightforward character of Rab outdoor equipment accompanied the company from the day one and has done without anything superfluous to this day. Technically elaborate and easy to repair, the durable jackets and equipment accompany mountaineers on all trips. With a view to the environment and nature, the company also strives for the greatest possible sustainability in its production and distribution and combines a love of fitness with a love of the world.

The Rab Outdoor Clothing and Equipment Range

In more than 40 years, the Rab range has expanded from the initial Rab sleeping bag and Rab waterproof jacket to a wide range of camping and mountain equipment for all needs. The collection includes, among other things:

  • Rab outdoor jackets and pants
  • Rab sleeping bags
  • Rab sleeping pads
  • Rab camping equipment

From hiking or trekking tours to climbing excursions to trail running, you’ll find everything in Rab equipment that makes sports and outdoor enthusiasts' hearts beat faster. The company's specialist washing and repair services ensure that you don't have to buy Rab clothing and equipment anytime soon — because you simply don't let a loved one fall by the wayside. 

Rab Jackets for All Weather Conditions

Rain, snow, wind and cold — any weather conditions are possible on your mountain trip, and a sudden change in the weather is not uncommon. A Rab coat equips you well for this and is designed for extremely rough conditions. Tailor-made jackets support you in all seasons, depending on your requirements. Rab jackets for men and women are ergonomically tailored to the physique and always fit without creases of pressure points. A tailored Rab women's jacket combines functionality with a sporty look. Men’s Rab jackets offer an additional extra with shoulder freedom and a comfortably fitting hip area.

A warm Rab down jacket keeps you cosy and warm even in the dead of winter thanks to aerated padding. With their ultra-light construction and elastic and robust materials, the winter jackets sit softly on the body without being bulky. Helpful details such as insulating cuffs, adjustable drawstrings and padded hoods can easily withstand double-digit minus temperatures.

A Rab rain jacket is a real protective shield for short April showers and continuous downpours. Thanks to innovative ventilation systems and breathable properties, your skin is not only completely safe from downpours, but also from sweat. With light and particularly compact foldable materials, the Rab rain jacket for women and men disappears back into the backpack in a flash when the rain clouds have passed.

Rab Trousers and Rab Shorts: Perfect for Big Leaps

Ergonomic fits, resilient stretch fabric and adjustable waistband and strap details in pants range will take you big steps towards your goal. Elastic softshell pants from Rab offer you extra freedom and suppleness of movement at any temperature. Lightweight Rab shorts with quick-drying properties are ideal for summer activities or climbing trips. The perfect complement to the Rab jacket for men and women are also the water- and wind-resistant Rab pants. They complete the Rab clothing range for demanding weather and, like the jackets, there is space for them in any backpack.

Have a Good Night in a Rab Sleeping Bag

With its characteristic mummy shape Rab sleeping bags are ergonomically fitted to the body’s proportions. The wider shoulder and torso sections give you comfortable freedom of movement, while the narrower leg section keeps the heat close to the body. An almost weightless down quilting and robust outer material predestine the sleeping equipment for multi-day tours to the highest “roofs” on earth.

With different lengths, widths and side openings, a Rab sleeping bag adapts to your personal requirements and becomes a protective second skin on rough mountain nights - or a snug feather bed by the cosy campfire.

Rab for a Low Ecological Footprint

From robust jackets to warm sleeping bags, all Rab equipment is designed to interact with the environment. For the company, this means not only long-lasting and repairable Rab clothing, but also equipment with sustainable and natural production processes. The outdoor specialist has been officially climate neutral since 2020. At Rab, special milestones for the love of the environment are:

  • the use of RDS down from animal welfare
  • production using recycled materials and down
  • avoiding plastic packaging
  • using renewable energy with e-cars
  • pursuing the goal of zero waste

By 2030, the company also wants to have reached the “net zero summit”: a radical reduction in CO2 emissions that no longer have any impact on the climate and environment in the net balance.

Buy Rab Jackets Online: Equipment for Living Outdoors

Rab jackets, pants and sleeping bags form the dependable basis for your next outdoor experience. Reduced and well thought-out functionality combined with materials that withstand the most adverse conditions around the world and that have already met every conceivable challenge. Environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycling processes round out the entire concept of functional mountain equipment. At BIKE24 find the exact support you need and choose your loyal companion from the jacket and equipment range.