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Rab – By climbers for climbers

Few people know as much as Rab, the Mountain People, about mountaineering and climbing. That is why Rab's durable jackets, trousers, merino base layers, down sleeping bags and protective tents are our equipment recommendation for all those who want to be equipped for any weather. » Read more

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Rab – The Mountain People

The British company Rab was founded out of pure passion for climbing and there are probably not many people who know more about outdoor life, climbing and mountaineering than it‘s founder Rab Carrington.
In the 1970‘s, he spent most of his time looking for unknown peaks and new challenges around the globe. By chance he learned how to make sleeping bags during one of his journeys. Shortly before the start of an expedition to Patagonia, he discovered that his equipment was still in Liverpool because of the British dock strikes. The missed tour turned out to be a stroke of luck for the Scottish climber, because this way he got the chance to help out his friend Hector Vieytes, who produced sleeping bags in Argentina.

Shortly afterwards Rab moved to Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England, where he developed his own sleeping bag in the attic of his house in 1981. Since the very first item, every single piece of Rab‘s equipment needed to be robust and high-performing. Carrington got feedback from climbing and mountaineering friends who tested the first models under the most adverse conditions.
Soon the regional climbing scene also became aware of Rab's developments. They took the sleeping bags, jackets and equipment on tours around the cliffs of nearby Stanage Edge and to the Scottish Highlands, where the weather is always changing, and were thrilled.

In 2007 Rab Carrington retired after more than 25 years in development and manufacturing and sold his company to Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd. Today's range is durable, British, practical, technical, accessible and authentic. Rab's high performance mountain clothing and equipment offers total protection, comfort and freedom on the hill, rock or summit. Both modern and proven materials are used, e.g. high-quality European down or the remarkably light Polartec® insulation. Together with Pertex® Rab laid the foundation for the Softshell series and developed the Vapour-Rise™ system.

The Mountain People, as the outdoor, climbing and mountaineering experts call themselves, are completely satisfied with their hydrophobic down sleeping bags, protective tents, gaiters and clothing and keep on pursuing their goal: To awaken the climber in everyone and equip them for the ascent