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Peaty's LinkLube All-Weather Premium Chain Oil - 120ml

Peaty's LinkLube All-Weather Premium Chain Oil - 120ml

Linklube All-Weather Premium - What is it? 

Love Peaty's standard Linklube All-Weather, but want it to run even cleaner. Smoother. Quieter and last 30% longer? Linklube All-Weather Premium is the lube you've been waiting for!

For use in all conditions Linklube All-Weather Premium uses the same scientific approach as Peaty's much loved Linklube All-Weather but dials the quality of the ingredients up to 11.

With the same chain-cleaning properties as Peaty's standard All-Weather Lube. The milky-white Linklube Premium penetrates deep inside the chain and replaces moisture. Grit grime with a long-lasting blend of oils, waxes and non toxic nano particles.

Why 30% longer? 

All-Weather Premium has been ridden over thousands of miles of testing and development over the last couple of years by Peaty's motly crew of riders and product testers over these miles of real-world testing. They have found on average it lasted 30% longer in the same conditions as the standard All-Weather Lube.

Through the first wave of lockdown, Paralympian Steve Bate was using the latest formulation back to back comparing it to the standard Linklube All-Weather.

During his epic 1000 mile turbo trainer ride over ten days, the results showed that all weather premium lasted a massive 500 miles before wearing out in comparison. Linklube All-weather standard lasted 380 miles in the same controlled conditions showing a 31.5% increase in durability. 

Key features of the LinkLube All-Weather Premium Chain Oil

  • Cleaner, smoother, quieter & longer lasting
  • Designed for the longest rides in mixed conditions
  • Mint scent matches the much loved all weather standard lube
  • Premium gold print ads an exclusive touch to a more premium lube
  • Available in 60ml and 120ml

Fact Sheet of Peaty's LinkLube All-Weather Premium Chain Oil - 120ml

Product Name: Peaty's LinkLube All-Weather Premium Chain Oil - 120ml
Manufacturer: Peaty's
Item Code: PEA519486
activity: Cycling
Care & clean - Product type: Special Lubricants, Oil
lubricant area of application: Chain
content: 120ml
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
weight: 125g