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Rear Bicycle Light - Illumination for Safe Riding in the Dark

Not only are bicycle lights a legal requirement, but they are also essential for keeping you safe while cycling. At dusk, in the dark or in poor visibility conditions, a rear bicycle light ensures that other road users can see you in good time, whether you are riding, braking or waiting at a crossroads. They are available in a wide variety of designs and brightness levels. On this page, we’ve answered the most important questions about rear bicycle lights. Read more

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From Dynamo Lighting to LED Rear Lights

A functioning bicycle light makes you more visible when cars or other road users are coming from behind. It’s not required by law for nothing. Rear bicycle lights are just as essential as front lights, and can be operated via a hub dynamo, bottle dynamo or (rechargeable) batteries.

When it comes to technology, a lot has happened in the last few years: rear bicycle lights are no longer heavy blocks, but high-tech wonders optimised in terms of weight, size and function. This is thanks to the improved LED technology used in most rear lights - whether on your MTB or road bike.

Rear Bicycle Lights: The Versions Available

Rear bicycle lights ensure that you are better seen in adverse conditions or in the dark. Read on to find out about the main models available.

  • Rear bicycle light with bottle dynamo: a bottle dynamo is easy to install. The drawback: the friction is high, meaning that a lot of energy is expended to generate just a little amount of light.
  • Rear bicycle light with hub dynamo: the practical thing about the hub dynamo is that it is weatherproof and thus provides reliable light in any weather conditions. It’s also more efficient that the bottle dynamo. The only drawback: it is relatively complicated to retrofit.
  • Rear bicycle light with (rechargeable) batteries: these rear lights always shine consistently bright - whether you are riding or at a standstill. LED bicycle lights powered by (rechargeable) batteries can be put on and taken off your bike in a flash, as they do not require a dynamo or any wiring. Modern LED rear lights can provide up to 60 hours of light.

What Features Are Important for a Rear Bicycle Light?

Now you’re familiar with the different types of lights. Read on to find out about the most important features that you should consider when buying a rear bicycle light.

  • Legal requirements: it is important that road traffic regulations are met. All rear lights at BIKE24 are suitable for use in road traffic.
  • Flashing rear light: flashing modes are designed to make motorists more aware of you.
  • Charging options: either by cable or battery.
  • Rear light with brake light: the brake light function increases safety by alerting vehicles coming from behind when you are braking.
  • Rear light with standstill function: the light takes a few minutes to charge via the dynamo and then remains lit for some minutes after you’ve come to a standstill.
  • Automatic switch-on: this ensures that the rear bicycle light comes on automatically in the dark and when you move the bicycle.

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With our dynamo, battery-powered and rechargeable rear bicycle lights, there is no longer any excuse for not having a rear light on your bike. Find the right rear light for you now, so you can cycle safely and worry-free in the dark, as well as in unfavourable light conditions.