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Kids’ Cycling Gloves – Grip, Protection and Warmth for Budding Cyclists

When your child comes out with you on family cycling excursions, when they’re starting to learn how to ride or if they’re a daredevil who wants to shred the trails, in addition to a helmet, cycling gloves are an absolute must-have. Not only do they increase comfort and visibility when cycling in traffic, but they also protect your child's hands from cuts and UV radiation, as well as from the wind, cold and rain. Read on to find out what features you should be on the lookout for when it comes to kids’ cycling gloves, apart from looking cool, of course. Read more

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Contents – Kids’ Cycling Gloves

Grip and Comfort on the Handlebars – Cycling Gloves for Kids and Teenagers

One of the most important benefits cycling gloves can offer is improved grip on the handlebars, and in turn, the brakes and gear shifters. Children aren’t naturally able to exert as much pressure, or grip as tightly, as adults, so the combination of ergonomic brakes and anti-slip cycling gloves will help them get everything under control and have confidence in themselves when they head off on an adventure. 

The very act of cycling requires a lot of attention, concentration and control, and it puts hand-eye coordination to the test. One way of making cycling safer, whether in traffic or off-road, is to avoid tired hands! Padded gloves provide young cyclists with that extra bit of comfort and tension release, taking some pressure of their hands and allowing them to ride and steer with feeling for as long as possible. 

Another important factor in avoiding tired hands is making sure that gloves fit right. You can learn more about which size is right for your daughter or son below. It’s by no means a replacement for trying gloves on, however, as you need to make sure that there are no creases and no seams in the wrong places. Otherwise, blisters could form or their skin could become irritated, cancelling out the advantages cycling gloves provide.

Full-Finger and Fingerless Gloves for Young Mountain Bike and Road Riders

Bold, brave young guns are guaranteed to fall over, but most quickly pick themselves up again. To avoid any hand injuries throwing a spanner in the works when they’re out on an exciting adventure, MTB gloves are trustworthy companions when trouble strikes. Reinforced parts on the palm and knuckle also prevent any nasty cuts from thorns and branches. 

Kids are less likely to ride through the undergrowth and probably also less likely to skid or fall when out on their road bike, so fingerless road bike gloves are normally the go-to here, leaving their fingers free to get some air. This kind of cycling glove normally makes the most sense for children in the summer, including your young mountain bike riders as well. 

That being said, when out in the woods or on the trails, more protection is often desired. Going off-road usually involves some difficult terrain, such as stones, roots, shrubbery and sludge, and ultimately, that’s what makes it fun. Full-finger gloves help young trail riders avoid cuts and grazes, so they won’t have to end their ride early.

Cycling Fun Whatever the Weather – Kids’ Cycling Gloves for the Cold, Wind and Rain

For many, wearing thick gloves may seem like an obvious thing to do in winter. When riding a bike, however, kids need a heightened sense of touch at their fingertips, but their hands should also be kept warm and dry when under exertion, meaning some special features are required. A well-sealed cuff or Velcro fastener will prevent rain or snow from dripping down their arm and into their glove. Material that’s highly breathable whilst also being waterproof means that their hands will stay dry inside and out. Extra layers of insulation will keep them warm on particularly cold days. 

And a glove needs to incorporate all these features whilst still guaranteeing the rider high tactility so that they don’t lose their grip on the handlebars. Thinner, windproof and water-repellent models may suffice on days when it’s windy or just slightly damp, but if they’re heading out in storms and hail, then waterproof softshell gloves are the way to go. And when temperatures are especially icy, hands can be kept warm by wearing gloves with thermal insulation provided by synthetic fibre or fleece. 

Reflective details are particularly important features on cycling gloves for kids. Hands are always out front on a bike and so gloves can be used to improve cyclists’ visibility for oncoming cars as well as for other people out on their bikes. There are even some models available in full luminous neon colours. 

It Fits like a Glove – Cycling Glove Sizes for Kids and Teenagers

Choosing your child’s size is a delicate matter when it comes to cycling gloves and it can have any number of influences on the way they ride. If gloves are too tight, they could lose feeling due to poor blood circulation or they could end up with some nasty chafing. If they’re too big, however, your child can lose precision and contact when changing gear, braking and steering. 

There is no standardized uniform sizing when it comes to gloves, so sizing overview tables should only be used as a point of reference. You should always check whether there is a sizing table specific to the model of gloves you’d like available on the product page or from the manufacturer. It’s useful to measure the circumference of your child’s hand to help you choose their size, even if a perfect fit can’t be guaranteed due to the different cuts and shapes available. 

Size Chart for Kids’ Cycling Gloves

Using a tape measure or piece of string and ruler, measure the circumference of their hand at its widest point and then find the size for them from the following table. Please place the tape measure over the base of the thumb and not around it. 

Glove size (inches)  Hand circumference (cm) Size 


3 14 XS
3.5 14.5 S
4 15 S
4.5 15.5 M
5 16 M
5.5 16.5 L
6 17 L
6.5 18 XL
7 19 XL


Depending on how large or small your child’s hands are, you could also take a look in our Women’s cycling gloves or Men’s cycling gloves categories. If you’re unsure, simply get your child to try them on.