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ABUS – Protection for head and bike from the safety and security expert

For almost a century, the worldwide successful family business ABUS has been manufacturing secure locks. In those days still hand-forged, today up to high-tech locks. Bike24 offers an enormous range of ABUS bike locks and fitting bike helmets for children, ladies, professionals and leisure cyclists. » Read more

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From the basement forge to a global brand

With each production year, the ABUS bike locks, which prevent the bike from theft, and the bike helmets, which protect the head in the event of a fall, have become even safer. The range extends from basic protection to high-tech locks and from children's helmets to suitable protective covers for professional athletes.

The large selection of bike helmets, which significantly reduce the risk of head injuries if the helmet is not only attached to the handlebars, offers perfectly fitting models for children, women and men. For the ABUS designers, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art production processes for safety are as important as good ventilation, high wearing comfort and individual head adaptation. The helmets with an ABS hard shell are especially robust and bear it calmly when they fall off the handlebars or the table. The In-Mold helmets, whose outer shell is directly connected to the foamed EPS, are lightweight and well ventilated.

To make sure the helmet is even needed and the bike is still there, it is worth connecting it with a bike lock. Whether U-lock, lock-chain combination or folding lock, or rather coil cable lock, frame lock or cable lock - each has its benefits: The U-lock made of solid metal without movable parts offers strong resistance against brazen pick pockets. Lock-chain combinations and cable locks offer flexibility and many possibilities to attach the bike. Bordo™, the compact and light ABUS folding lock, has become a real classic and is available in many different colours. The frame and coil cable lock are used as basic or additional bike locks.

To ensure reliable protection for bicycles and cyclists in the future, all products are subject to continuous further development and rigorous testing in the ABUS think tanks, currently located at 5 German company sites. These include classic material tests, impact tests, manual theft simulations or low-temperature tests