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ABUS – Bicycle Locks and Helmets Designed by Security Experts

For almost a century, the German founded ABUS company has been manufacturing secure locks. Meanwhile, the ABUS Security product range also includes uncompromising protection for bicycles and their riders. Against bicycle thefts you have the choice between high-quality folding, chain, frame or u-locks. But protecting your head, whether during sports or in everyday life, is also important to ABUS. All of their helmets, whether for mountain biking, road cycling, e-biking, commuting or for children, stand out due to their top materials, high-quality manufacturing and attractive designs. » Read more

Secure folding, chain, cable, u-locks and more made by ABUS
Lightweight road bike helmets with innovative security concepts and great ventilation
At ABUS, budding cyclists will also find cool kids' helmets
Offroad and MTB Helmets for Maximum Fun When Riding on Unpaved Ground
Urban – Helmets by ABUS let you safely reach your destination even in the city
Buy ABUS Sale Product at BIKE24

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From Padlocks Forged at the Basement to State-of-the-Art Bike Locks and Helmets

The worldwide successful brand ABUS has its origin in a small family business that produced the first padlocks in the forge of its own basement. August Bremicker founded this promising German company for security in 1924. Soon his own house became too small and the production facility in Volmarstein an der Ruhr, which is still in operation today, was acquired.

Almost a century later, the company, now in its 4th generation and still family-run, has massively expanded its range of services with many future-oriented development and production sites in Germany. Besides locking technology for house and garden, ABUS also has a comprehensive range of mobile security products in its portfolio. In addition to locks for motorcycles and bicycles, it also includes helmets for adults and children. At BIKE24 you will find a wide range of resistant ABUS bicycle locks, well-fitting ABUS bicycle helmets for everyday use in the hustle and bustle of the city and the top helmets of the professional cycling champions.

ABUS Mobile Security – Bike Locks and Helmets for Adults and Children

ABUS Bike Helmets and Locks – Quality and Innovation

For the ABUS bicycle helmet designers, qualitative materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes are as important as good ventilation, high wearing comfort and individual head-fit adjustment.
The urban and kids' bike helmets with ABS hard shell are particularly sturdy and take it with serenity if they ever fall off the handlebars or the table. The In-Mold road bike and MTB helmets, whose outer shell is directly connected to the foamed EPS, are especially lightweight and well ventilated.
To continue offering reliable protection for the bike and rider in the future, all products are developed further and tested in the ABUS laboratories. These include classic material tests, impact tests, manual theft simulations or cold tests.

ABUS – Bike Locks You Can Rely On!

No bicycle lock is unbreakable. The developers at ABUS know that too.
But how long it takes for a lock to yield is often decisive, because many thieves give up after just a few minutes. ABUS offers various types of bicycle locks such as u-locks, folding locks, chain locks and frame locks to secure your bike appropriately.
These are classified into security levels from 1 - 15. A bicycle lock with level 10 offers high protection and is therefore already optimally suited for high-end bicycles. Thanks to a picking protected Plus disc cylinder and specially riveted hardened steel links, the compact BORDO Big 6000 reaches level 10 and is therefore particularly difficult to break. The BORDO folding lock fundamentally impresses with its lightweight, space-saving folding rule design which also makes it easy to open and close in almost any situation.
The ABUS folding lock series also includes other models up to security level 15, which is achieved among others by an additional acoustic alarm or stronger links. These versions of the BORDO are also an interesting option for e-bikes.

Tip: If you want to share a bicycle with your family, for example, it is the best option to use an ABUS BORDO combination lock.

For all those who prefer a u-lock, ABUS Security offers something very special with the 770A SmartX. It is based on the solid construction without moving parts of the legendary ABUS Granit Plus series and combines it with the SmartX cylinder. Where is the keyhole of the 770A SmartX? It does not need one, because you can unlock it easily via Bluetooth with your Smartphone. Should a bold thief dare to steal your bike, the 770A SmartX bike lock with its 105 db alarm will rout him away.

A proven u-lock construction meets digital technology: the result is a smartphone controlled bike lock.

Do you prefer something classier?
If you are looking for a reliable and equally affordable lock for your bicycle, we recommend the ABUS Catena 6806. Its predecessor, the Catena 686, was already considered to be a trendsetter in terms of security and design. The redesigned bicycle lock puts one more to the top with its lower weight and colorful coat designs.

If you are riding an e-bike or pedelec and therefore have to worry less about the payload, you should secure it with an additional lock.
ABUS recommends to combine a frame lock permanently installed on the bike for basic security with a u-lock like the ABUS Granit Plus.

ABUS YourPlus for Bicycles Locks

Best of all, most ABUS locks are available as key or combo (combination) versions. Furthermore, the ABUS YourPlus system allows you to use one key for all your ABUS locks. How does it work? Very simply, thanks to the ABUS Key-Code-Card and the ABUS Plus locking cylinders, you only have to send ABUS your key code and a lock with the same key will be made for you. You are also welcome to contact the BIKE24 customer service for further information about ABUS YourPlus.

ABUS Bicycle Helmets for Adults and Children

Bicycle helmets have been standard in cycling sports for many years and are now also becoming widely used as cycling accessories for leisure and everyday use, because a helmet significantly reduces the risk of head injuries if it is not only attached to the handlebars.
ABUS' large selection of bicycle helmets offers perfectly fitting models for road bikes, mountain bikes and off-road use, urban adventures and for children.

ABUS Road Bike Helmets

The ABUS AirBreaker sets the benchmark in the field of premium all-round road bike helmets and has proven itself on the heads of WorldTour riders over many kilometers. Thanks to its multi-speed design with honeycomb structure, the AirBreaker combines aerodynamics with first-class ventilation. The unparalleled ABUS GameChanger is a first-class supplement for time trial competitions. The aero helmet is currently proving its abilities in the monuments of cycling with Team Movistar.
But not every cyclist has such ambitious goals as professional and competition athletes.
In the mid-range of ABUS road bike helmets, the Aventor is particularly convincing. Its excellent ventilation system makes it a good choice for touring and long-distance cycling.

The lightweight, good vented and still particularly aerodynamic ABUS GameChanger takes you in the in the lead.

ABUS MTB Helmets

The design of the ABUS Montrailer MTB helmet is as aggressive as the new trend disciplines Enduro and Trail in mountain biking. In terms of shape and features, the Montrailer bicycle helmet is based on proven elements such as a height-adjustable, transparent visor and a deep shell at the back of the head and on the sides. In the safety concept ABUS has considered the increased requirements of gravity mountain biking: multi-shell enclosed EPS In-Mold basic construction reinforced with ABUS ActiCage.

That is still not enough for you? Then you need the non-plus-ultra, the Montrailer ACE MIPS with additional anti-twist protection and BrakeTech camera mount.

ABUS Montrailer mountain bike helmets will satisfy your safety demands when riding off-road.