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ABUS Bike Locks & ABUS Helmets, from the Experts in Security

ABUS has been setting the standard in secure locks for almost a century. The German company doesn’t accept any compromises when it comes to protecting bikes: their range designed to prevent bicycle theft includes the ABUS folding lock, chain lock, U-lock and frame lock. In addition to ABUS bike locks, the brand also provides optimal protection and comfort for cyclists themselves during sport or in everyday life with ABUS helmets.

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From the ABUS Lock to Modern Bicycle Locks & Cycling Helmets

ABUS have enjoyed global success, but the brand can actually be traced back to a small family business that manufactured the first padlocks in their workshop they set up in their own basement. It was August Bremicker who founded the up-and-coming German security company back in 1924. His own house soon became too small and he acquired a production facility in Volmarstein an der Ruhr, which is still in operation today.

Almost a century later, the family-run company has continued into the 4th generation and even expanded the range they have on offer, with an array of pioneering development and production sites across Germany. In addition to locking technology for the home and garden, the ABUS portfolio also includes a comprehensive range of security products for when you’re out and about: from ABUS locks for bicycles and two-wheeled motor vehicles to ABUS helmets for men, women and children. At BIKE24, you can find a wide variety of durable ABUS bike locks, ABUS cycling helmets with a perfect fit for everyday life in the city and top helmets for cycling stars.

ABUS Mobile Security - Bike Locks & Helmets for Adults & Kids

ABUS Helmets & ABUS Bike Locks – Quality & Innovation

Quality materials and state-of-the-art production processes are just as important to the designers of ABUS helmets as good ventilation, a high level of comfort and individual size adjustment. Urban and kids’ bicycle helmets by ABUS feature ABS hard shells, making them particularly robust and able to handle impacts with ease if you happen to fall. ABUS in-mould road cycling and MTB helmets have an outer shell that is attached directly to the EPS foam and are particularly light and well ventilated.

All ABUS helmets and locks are constantly being further developed and subjected to tough testing in the ABUS think tanks, so reliable protection can continue to be provided for both bikes and riders heading into the future. These tests include standard material checks, as well as impact tests, manual theft simulations and low-temperature tests.

ABUS Bike Locks: Security You Can Rely On!

No bike lock is invincible. The developers at ABUS know this all too well. But how long it takes for a lock to give in is key, as many thieves give up after just a few minutes.

The range at ABUS includes various types of bicycle locks, such as U-locks, chain locks, frame locks and ABUS folding locks, so you can make sure your bike is properly secured. ABUS bike locks can be categorised into security levels from 1 to 15. A level 10 ABUS bike lock provides a high level of protection and is therefore ideal for high-end bikes. Featuring a Plus disc cylinder with protection against lock picking as well as specially-riveted links made of tempered steel, the compact BORDO Big 6000 is classified as a level 10 and therefore particularly difficult to break open. The impressive design of this ABUS folding lock is based on a folding ruler, making it light and space-saving, as well as easy to open and close in almost any situation.

The ABUS range of folding locks also includes other models which go up to a security level of 15 thanks to additional audible alarms or stronger links, among other things. These versions of the BORDO are also a good option for e-bikes.

Top tip: if you share bike use among your family, it’s best to use an ABUS BORDO combination lock.

For those who prefer U-locks, ABUS has something very special on offer with the 770A SmartX. This kind of lock is based on the legendary ABUS Granit Plus series, with a solid construction and no moving parts, and these elements are then combined with the SmartX cylinder. You may be wondering where the keyhole is on the 770A SmartX? It doesn't need one: it can be easily unlocked via Bluetooth using your phone. And if a bold thief does dare to try and steal your bike, the 770A SmartX bike lock will sound its 105 db alarm to send them packing.

What about something more classic?

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable lock for your bike, we recommend the ABUS Catena 6806 chain lock. Its predecessor, the Catena 686, set new standards in terms of safety and design, and the revised ABUS chain lock goes one step further, with an even lower weight and colourful sleeve design.

If you’re traveling with an e-bike or pedelec and don’t have to worry as much about weight, you should secure your bike with an extra lock. ABUS recommends combining an ABUS frame lock which is permanently fixed onto your bike with a U-lock, such as the ABUS Granit Plus, for a basic level of security.

The proven U-lock design meets digital technology, resulting in a bike lock with smartphone control.

ABUS YourPlus Locks

One of the best things about ABUS is that most of their locks are available in key or combo (number lock) variants. What’s more, thanks to the ABUS YourPlus system, you can easily use one key for all your ABUS bike locks. How does it work? It’s very simple: thanks to the ABUS key code card and ABUS Plus cylinders, all you have to do is send ABUS your key code and they’ll have a lock with the same key tailor-made for you. You can also feel free to contact BIKE24 customer service about ABUS YourPlus.

ABUS OneKey Bike Locks

The ABUS OneKey system now means you can easily use one key for all your ABUS bike locks. How does it work? It’s very simple: you contact the ABUS service team via email and tell them the code of your existing lock or which locks with the ABUS OneKey option you are interested in. Please note lock compatibility according to the table showing locks with comparable closure mechanisms.

The following ABUS locks are compatible with each other:

  • Granit Plus 640
  • Granit Futura 64
  • Granit Strato 61
  • uGrip Plus 501
  • Granit Plus 51
  • Granit Plus 470
  • Varedo 47
  • Bordo 6000 A / BIG
  • Bordo 6405
  • Bordo 6010 Centium
  • Bordo 6000/6015
  • CityChain 1010
  • Steel-O-Chain 9808
  • Steel-O-Chain 9809
  • Granit Steel-O-Flex 1000
  • Granit XPlus 540
  • Granit XPlus 54
  • Bordo Black Edition 6510
  • Bordo Granit XPlus 6500
  • Granit CityChain XPlus 1060
  • Granit Steel-O-Flex XPlus 1025
  • Granit Extreme 59 and Phantom 8960 are only compatible among themselves.

ABUS Cycling Helmets for Men, Women and Children

ABUS cycling helmets have been the standard in competitive cycling for years now and they are also becoming an established bicycle accessory for use in leisure time and everyday life, as a helmet significantly reduces the risk of head injuries – as long as the rider wears it and it doesn’t just dangle from the handlebars.

The large selection of bicycle helmets offered by ABUS includes models tailored to specific disciplines, like racing and road biking, mountain biking and off-road use, urban adventures and even for children.

ABUS Road Bike Helmets

When it comes to premium all-round road helmets, the ABUS AirBreaker sets the benchmark and has stood up to the challenge on the heads of WorldTour riders over countless kilometres. With its multi-speed design and honeycomb structure, the AirBreaker combines aerodynamics with first-class ventilation. For the ABUS GameChanger helmet there is no parallel and it makes for a great companion for time trial competitions. The aero helmet is currently proving what it can do for the Movistar team in their cycling competitions. But not every rider has such ambitious goals as professional and competitive cyclists. When it comes to the midfield, the ABUS racing helmet Aventor is particularly impressive. Its excellent ventilation system makes it a good choice for touring and long-distance riders.

The lightweight, well ventilated & yet super aerodynamic ABUS GameChanger brings you forward on the road bike.

MTB Helmets by ABUS

Enduro and trail have recently gained popularity as side branches of mountain biking and the design of the ABUS MonTrailer MTB helmet is suitably aggressive. In terms of shape and features, this ABUS helmet is essentially based on what has already been tried and tested, such as a height-adjustable, transparent visor and low-slung shell on the back and sides of the head. When it comes to safety, ABUS helmets take the heightened demands in the gravity MTB sector into account with a in-mould basic construction made up of EPS enclosed with multiple layers, reinforced with the ABUS ActiCage. Want more still? Then you need the Non-Plus-Ultra – the ABUS MonTrailer ACE MIPS with additional anti-twist protection and BrakeTech camera mount, which has been tested several times and come out with top marks.

ABUS takes customer feedback to heart, striving to make everyday cycling safer and wearing a bicycle helmet cool. The colourful ABUS Urban helmets, such as the ABUS Urban-I 3.0 or Pedelec 2.0 ACE, enable cyclists to conquer the city in style and with protection on a city bike or pedelec.