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Favero Pedals – Smart Training with Favero Electronics

Favero Elecronics is an Italian manufacturer of electronic equipment for sports and leisure. It specialises in the development and production of its Assioma power meter pedal. The Favero Power meter Assioma Uno measures your power on one side of the left pedal. The Favero Power meter Assioma Duo measures on both sides. Mounting the pedals is extremely simple and changing from one bike to another is a matter of a few minutes. Find out what other advantages the Favero pedals offer in the following.

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Favero Pedals: Part of the Italian Cycling Passion

ou don't want to work for a nameless electronics company from the Far East? Then Favero Electronics is the right choice for you! The family business was founded more than 30 years ago by Gino Favero. Since then, it has been producing electronic accessories for use in sports – including the Assioma pedals. The company has made a name for itself: its products are now available in more than 110 countries.

At Favero Electronics, the passion for cycling is living. Maybe it's the location of the company headquarters on the edge of the Dolomites? Favero pedals are created in cooperation with many athletes, from amateurs to professionals. It's no wonder that value is placed on the smallest details. After all, the pedals have to deliver the most exact values possible under all possible conditions.

Why Is It Useful to Train with a Power Meter?

Before we take a closer look at the Favero Power meter Assioma pedals, we would like to briefly show you why training with a power meter is so efficient:

  • Basically, it makes sense not to ride mindlessly, but to control your training. This way you can improve your performance in a targeted and efficient way. Get the most out of every mile. There are various methods for doing this. Monitoring your performance with a power meter is one of them.
  • A power meter helps you to understand and assess your condition. Maybe you are not as tired as your legs feel? Or maybe a break is urgently needed. With the power data from the Favero pedals, you always know how your power is doing.
  • A power meter provides objective data at all times and in all conditions. Power measurement via heart rate  is comparatively unreliable because it cannot be calibrated. It also reacts slowly, which is noticeable during fast, short intervals. Nevertheless, heart rate is an important source of information. For example, it can provide information about stress or an infection. It is a good idea to train with a Favero power meter and heart rate belt.

What Are the Possibilities to Determine the Pedalled Wattage?

There are two ways to accurately measure your power. Either you can measure it with a power meter crank. Strain gauges in the crankarms, spindle or directly in the spider provide reliable results. Alternatively, the power meter technology can be hidden in the pedals. Compared to a power meter crank, these pedals offer several advantages:

  • they are affordable
  • they fit on almost every bike
  • they are quick and easy to install, just like normal pedals
  • the biggest advantage: these pedals like the Favero power meter pedals are easy to switch between your bikes. Today mountain bike, tomorrow gravel bike and the day after tomorrow road bike? It's all possible with a set of power meter pedals. It would not be an option to change the crankset every time between your bikes ...

This video shows how quickly Favero pedals can be changed:

What Features Do Favero Pedals Have?

Favero pedals hide high-precision technology in pedals that weigh only 151.5 grams. They are quick and easy to mount and can be connected to your devices via Bluetooth and ANT+. Whether it's a bike computer or an exercise bike, calibration is automatic, so you can get started straight away.

Assioma pedals are compatible with cleats from LOOK and Shimano – two of the most well-known systems. In addition, they offer a cool option: the pedal axle is compatible with some Shimano pedals. If you wish, you can slide your entire pedal onto the Assioma axles and don't have to get used to anything.

Favero power meters are impressively accurate. Many other manufacturers work with average values or less accurate measuring methods and have deviations of up to 4.5%. Favero calculates your pedal power with its own developed system called IAV in combination with a precise gyroscope (gyrocompass). This allows Favero to achieve an accuracy of 1%.

The technology of the Assioma pedals is protected from environmental influences in a waterproof and dustproof manner. This includes the batteries that supply the pedal with energy. To be able to charge them easily, the pedals come with a magnetic charging plug. You plug it into the pedal axle and after a short time the batteries have full power again. Apropos: One battery charge is enough for at least 50 hours of riding time.

Last but not least, another feature speaks for the purchase of the Favero pedals: they are made in Italy and full of Italian cycling passion!

The Favero Powermeter Models: Axiom Uno and Axiom Duo

There are two Favero Power meter pedal models: the Uno and the Duo. The names reveal the difference: with the Uno your power is only measured on the left side, with the Duo on both. If you only want to measure your power, the Uno is perfectly adequate. The Duo provides additional data: It determines your right-left balance, shows you how round your pedaling is and calculates your torque efficiency on both sides. If you are not sure whether you need this, we recommend the Uno model. It can be easily converted to a double-sided measurement if desired.

If you have a compatible Shimano pedal, you can buy the Favero Powermeter single axle upgrade kit and put your pedal on it. This way you save a lot of money and can continue to use your old Shimano pedals. These kits are called Assioma Duo-Shi.

In addition to the Assioma pedals, Favero has a number of accessories in its range. Above all, there are many spare parts so that you can easily repair your Favero Power meter pedals if something breaks. For example, you can reorder individual pedal axles or bearing kits. This not only saves money in the long run, but is also totally sustainable!