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Bike Wall Racks – A Chic Way to Store Your Bike

Bicycles are part of the everyday streetscape. It’s hard to imagine life without the flexibility that a bicycle gives you, and it is no coincidence that more and more people are choosing to cycle. But where should your bike be stored away when it's not being ridden? Read on to find out more about the different options that bike wall mounts can offer. Not only does a bike wall rack gives you more space, but it also transforms your bike into a smart piece of living room decoration. Read more

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Mounting Your Bike on the Wall – Why’s There so Much Sense in It?

Bicycles tend to get in the way when they’re not being ridden. Whether in the hallway, cellar or garage – a bicycle parked up with its kickstand takes up space, and if you make the mistake of brushing the handlebars while passing by, it might fall over and even get damaged. Here’s where a wall-mounted bike rack comes in, keeping things tidy by allowing you to easily hang your bicycle up on the wall. Not only does this create more space, but it also keeps things neat and tidy - whether in your garage or living room.

Bike Wall Racks – The Key Advantages at a Glance

  • Bike wall mount racks keep things neat and tidy.
  • They create more space.
  • They protect your bike from being accidentally knocked over.
  • They can transform your bike into an eye-catching piece of decoration.
  • They can make an interior design statement, underlining your connection to your bicycle. A bike wall mount can make for a particularly chic way of presenting an expensive carbon racing bike, for example.

Bike Wall Mounts: How Do They Work?

Most bike racks can be easily attached to the wall and the bike can then be hung from the rack, held in place with one or more retaining brackets. Depending on the manufacturer, this may be a retaining bracket for the top tube or for the rear or front wheel. To protect the rim and prevent the bike from slipping, many manufacturers put rubber covers on the retaining brackets and on any other points where the bike comes into contain with the rack.

What Different Kinds of Bike Wall Hangers Are There Available?

Bicycle racks come in a wide variety of designs. From a classic bar design to racks that attach your bicycle directly to the wall, through to a piece of furniture that functions as a bicycle rack.

The classic bar is the simplest way of hanging your bike on the wall. You simply attach the bar at the desired location and then hang your bike from the retaining brackets. These are respectively called bike hooks for walls are available in various designs, so you’ll find the right bar for any kind of wall. If you’re looking for a particularly chic way of storing your bike, or if you have an industrial-style wall in your loft, you could use a bike bar with a metal bracket, for example.

There are also bike hangers for the wall which attach your bike directly, rather than it being hung on a bar. These come in different designs, but most of them are made of metal or plastic and can be easily attached at the desired location. Most of these kinds of bike racks can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, and are ideal for smaller rooms, as attaching the bike directly to the wall really saves on space.

In addition to bicycle wall racks, there are also vertical bike storage options including compartments for bicycle helmets, jackets, pumps, tools and other small parts. More deluxe designs combine a bicycle stand with areas to store your cycling accessories. As you can see, the range of bicycle wall mounts available is large and BIKE24 have made sure to stock a wide variety of different bike wall mounts for you to choose from.