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Park Tool - Practical Professional Tools & Repair Stands for Your Bike

At the tool specialist Park Tool, everything revolves around making repairs and maintenance work on your bike as easy as possible. Therefore, the traditional US company follows a practical company philosophy, in which quality and functionality of the products, from tire levers to truing stands, has top priority. In addition, Park Tool has a comprehensive range of bicycle tools, stands, pumps and maintenance accessories that can be found in every professional bicycle workshop.

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Park Tool - From DIY Repair Stand to the World's Leading Tool Manufacturer

It must have been a typical cold day in the early sixties when Howard Hawkins - a hard-working bicycle dealer from Saint Paul (Minnesota) - got tired of working on bicycles while bent over. So he took two table legs, a shell and an axle from a '37 Ford and built himself a repair stand. The useful piece quickly attracted great attention. As early as 1963, the repair stand went into series production. The Park Tool Company was born and the history of success continued. To this day, the "blue brand" has retained its unique hands-on mentality and is part of the standard equipment in many bicycle service shops.
From high-quality and functional tools to reliable truing and repair stands to well thought-out bike maintenance products and the legendary "Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair", Park Tool has everything in its range to make it easier for you to screw and maintain your bike.

Park Tools - Enjoy Working on Your Bike

From the very first product, the Park Tool PRS-1 bicycle repair stand, Park Tool designs, engineers and manufactures high quality tools. The use of solid and lightweight materials, easy operation and valuable haptics and optics, are part of the standard of each tool of Park Tool. Whether multi-tool or toolbox, torque wrench, chain rivet or the practical AWS Y Allen wrench, Park Tool tools are there to help you in any situation. Just as naturally, the Americans work constantly to further develop and refine the tool assortment of more than 500 parts. So every year 15-20 new tools are developed to meet new standards and developments in the bicycle industry. 
So that you can acquire the necessary expertise, the Park Tool homepage has a clear repair help section: Numerous videos and over 125 detailed, printable instructions offer you all the information you need to build, repair and maintain your bike. Similarly, Park Tool publishes the legendary "Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair", the reference book for all bike lovers who enjoy wrenching just as much as riding a bike.

Park Tool Repair Stands - Robust, Functional, Perfectly Finished

As one of the most important tool brands in the world, Park Tool attaches particular importance to make your repairs as efficient and comfortable as possible. Park Tool therefore has robust quality repair stands in every price range, which know how to convince with easy handling, perfect workmanship and thoughtful designs. The Park Tool pcs 10.2 repair stand and the Park Tool pcs 9.2 are the absolute classics in this segment. Both stands can hold up to 36 kg total weight and allow you to make any kind of adjustments and repairs to your bike. The PCS-4 Deluxe stand is designed for more intensive use with its solid four-point stand system and the 360° rotatable holding claw. First choice for the professional mechanic is the PRS-3.2, which is made of chrome-plated steel tubes and can be loaded up to 54 kg. The PRS-2.2, on the other hand, can hold up to 2 bikes that can be independently swiveled 360°.

Park Tool Truing Stands - Precise Truing Made Easy

You want to center your wheels yourself or set them up completely independently? With a Park Tool truing stand you have a proven precision tool to make this dream come true. The entry-level truing stand at an attractive price is the Park Tool TS-8: It centers wheels from 16 to 29 inches precisely and thus primarily covers the needs of every hobby mechanic. The TS-2-2 is more versatile and accurate than its "little brother" thanks to its extended wheel mount with stiffened U-profiles. If you have to deal in particular with plus-size wheels, tubeless setups and thru axles, the Park Tool TS-4.2 professional truing stand is your first choice. The solidly built Park Tool TS-4.2 stands for precise operation and adjustability and can accommodate all common hub, wheel and tire combinations.
For a stable and durable wheel, however, an even spoke tension is also crucial. In addition to various spoke wrenches Park Tool offers the TM-1 tensiometer, with which you can measure the relative tension of all spokes precisely and reliably.