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Lupine Lights and Headlamps – Turn Night into Day With

Lupine Lighting Systems originates from Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany, and produces lights which are very popular for night rides, night hikes and outdoor activities across the world. Lupine strives to create the perfect lighting in all different situations and the brand has very high standards when it comes to its bike lights, head torches, helmet lights, e-bike lights and torches, which are produced exclusively in Germany and neighbouring European countries.

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Lupine – Design & Development, Made in Germany

As is so often the case, Lupine was born as a solution to a personal problem. Back in 1991, Wolf-Dieter Koch was looking for a light that would be bright enough for him to go on high-speed mountain bike rides at night. Since the products available were unsatisfactory, Wolf-Dieter Koch founded the company Lupine, with the aim of producing high-quality lights. The company name Lupine is derived from the Latin word for wolf (Lupus), thus referencing the name of the company’s founder, and the wolf character can also be seen in the company’s logo.

At the start of the 2000s, Lupine was already beginning to kit battery lights out with LED technology, while the competition was still relying entirely on halogen. Five years later and all Lupine bike lights were equipped with LEDs, and Lupine is still regarded as the pioneer of LED technology in this field to this day.

With Lupine, you get innovative high-end bike lights, helmet lights, headlamps and torches produced through excellent workmanship for use on your outdoor adventures.

The following Lupine lights are available for dark evening activities and night rides:

  • Lupine bike lights
  • Lupine e-bike lights
  • Lupine headlamps
  • Lupine helmet lights
  • Lupine torches

Lupine Lights: The Benefits

Not only do Lupine Lighting Systems make an impressive statement with their advanced LED technology, but the brand also offers an array of other advantages:

  • depending on the model, Lupine lights and Lupine head torches provide up to 8000 lumens. These kinds of brightness values for battery-powered lighting were unthinkable until just a few years ago.
  • Lupine has numerous bike light options available, which are easy to use and exemplify flawless workmanship.
  • Lupine lights are equipped with a special lens system so that an optimal light beam is created for each field of use.
  • A Lupine bike light, Lupine headlight, Lupine helmet light or Lupine torch is designed to withstand extreme nighttime conditions, whether rain, snow, storms or splattering mud.
  • Lupine products are regularly used for races, rescue missions and expeditions, as well as by the police and mountain rescue.
  • The built-in Lupine battery delivers constant power even at low temperatures.
  • Lupine carries out detailed quality control to avoid any weaknesses or potential faults from the outset.
  • Lupine light sets are designed so that all components can be replaced at a later date where required. No permanent adhesive bonds are used.

Lupine Bike Lights: An Overview

Lupine lights are available in different versions, for different uses. First of all, you have to decide whether you’re looking for a bike light which meets German Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO) or an MTB, outdoor or racing light.

Lupine Bike Lights with German Road Traffic Regulations Approval:

  • Lupine SL AX (2200 lumens / The Lupine SL AX is currently the brightest bike light that meets regulations).
  • Lupine SL AF (1000 - 1300 lumens / The Lupine SL AF is a sensor-controlled daytime running light and allows you to switch between 1000 and 1300 lumens).
  • Lupine SL Nano AF (1100 lumens / The Lupine SL Nano AF, which weighs just 52 grams, complies with regulations in high beam, low beam or daytime running mode).
  • Lupine C14 Mag (45 lumens / With an integrated rechargeable battery, brake light and brightness sensor, the
  • Lupine C14 Mag makes sure that anyone behind you will see you in good time).

Lupine MTB Lights with High-Power LEDs Available for off-Road and Racing Use:

  • Lupine Piko (The Lupine Piko is hardly bigger than a matchbox and yet provides an impressive 2100 lumens).
  • Lupine Blika (The Lupine Blika delivers an improved 2400 lumens and significantly stronger beam).
  • Lupine Wilma (With 3600 lumens, the Lupine Wilma provides sufficient brightness in even the darkest of places).
  • Lupine Betty (The possibilities are endless with the Lupine Betty thanks to its 5400 lumens and foolproof operation).
  • Lupine Alpha (The Lupine Alpha is by far the brightest and most powerful bike light, illuminating the darkness with 8100 lumens and a range of up to 480 metres).
  • Lupine Neo (The Lupine Neo gives you 1000 lumens with up to 80 hours of battery life).

Lupine E-Bike Lights

Lupine also stocks lights for your e-bike. e-bikes with motors by Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Brose can be equipped with the following Lupine lights:

  • Lupine SL X (There are two versions of the Lupine SL X on offer for your e-bike. You can choose between a bicycle light for e-bikes which go up to 25 km/h and one for S-pedelecs which travel up to 45 km/h.
  • Lupine SL F (With a daytime running light, low beam and high beam, the Lupine SL F gives you between 900 and 1300 lumens).
  • Lupine SL Nano (Just 30 mm long and 41 mm wide, the compact Lupine SL Nano provides 900 lumens).

Lupine bicycle lights are attached directly to the light output on your e-bike motor and draw power not from a Lupine battery, but from your e-bike battery.

Lupine Head Torches & Helmet Lights

Lupine helmet lights can be attached to mountain bikers’ helmets with Velcro straps so they can get out and enjoy the trails at night. The battery can be attached to the back of the helmet or stored in a backpack. A Lupine head torch is a great choice for your next outdoor adventure, and the Lupine Penta or Lupine Neo models are particularly suitable. The Lupine Piko, Blika, Wilma and Betty mountain bike lights can also be worn with a headband.

For use outdoors, Lupine also offers classic torches in addition to their wide range of helmet lights and head torches. The Lupine Piko TL is smaller than a mobile phone, waterproof and emits a powerful 1600 lumens. If you want something brighter, then the Lupine Betty TL is your best bet. These Lupine torches provide a maximum of 5400 lumens and have a robust aluminium casing. The batteries are also easy to replace to boot.