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Bosch - The Smart Drive for Your E-Bike

When it comes to motors and batteries for e-bikes, the name Bosch immediately comes to mind. The traditional Swabian company has been around from the very beginning and has established a market-leading position in the field of classic mid-range motors for e-bikes. Bosch bike computers and Bosch e-bike motors are reliable, proven, lightweight and powerful. A Bosch e-bike battery stands for quality and high range. Bosch undoubtedly has an important share in the sustainable mobility of the future.

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Bosch and Sustainability

Bosch is without a doubt an innovation driver when it comes to sustainable mobility. E-bikes are significantly more sustainable than all other motorized means of transport. Bosch has determined that an e-bike with a Bosch drive produces an average of just two to five grams of CO2 per kilometer. By comparison, a car produces 150 grams and a train 50 grams. Only a bicycle without an electric motor would do even better. However, it is known that people on e-bikes travel more frequently and for longer periods. They do trips much more often for which they would otherwise take the car. Bosch concludes from this: e-bikes are a key to more sustainable mobility.

It's not just the use of Bosch e-bike drives that is sustainable. The Group strives to act as sustainably as possible. To this end, it has taken many measures, of which we would like to present a few examples here:

  • Bosch consistently reduces the carbon footprint of its products. When developing new Bosch bike computers or a new Bosch e-bike battery, attention is paid to the environmental impact. Environmentally friendly raw materials are used, recycled materials are used, and energy-saving manufacturing steps are applied. Packaging is as sustainable as possible. For example, the packaging of the Bosch e-bike battery completely eliminates the previously costly plastic repackaging.
  • Bosch assumes its responsibility throughout the entire value chain. The company strives for the greatest possible transparency in its supply chains. High-risk raw materials are investigated empirically. One example is the cobalt content in the Bosch eBike battery. The company has succeeded in reducing this controversial raw material by 65 percent so far since 2013. Nevertheless, the battery capacity could be increased.
  • Circular economy is another key component of Bosch's sustainability strategy. This includes recycling solutions and easy maintenance of the products. For you, this means: If you buy an e-bike with a Bosch frame battery and Bosch on-board computer, you will enjoy it for a long time. If something breaks, you can get all kinds of Bosch e-bike spare parts in our store. Upgrading to higher-quality components is also no problem. For example, you can replace the simple Bosch Purion e-bike display with the smart high-tech Nyon system.

Bosch E-Bike Battery: The Sustainable Energy Source

Nothing works on an e-bike without the battery. It plays a decisive role. A lot of experience, know-how and development work has gone into Bosch e-bike batteries. Every Bosch e-bike battery offers you high mileage, a long service life and the lowest possible weight. Bosch batteries can be mounted on the frame, on the rear rack or integrated into the frame. Bosch PowerPacks are mounted directly to the frame. The Bosch PowerTubes "disappear" into the frame of your e-bike, which makes for an exceptionally discreet design. With the DualBattery option, you can connect two Bosch e-bike batteries and increase their energy content to up to 1,250 Wh. The batteries and adapters you need for this are available in our store.

Bosch E-Bike Battery FAQ

Questions regularly arise about the Bosch e-bike battery in particular. It is a variable in the e-bike system because its range and service life depend on many factors. We answer the most frequently asked questions about the Bosch e-bike battery here.

Can I Influence the Lifetime of my Bosch E-Bike Battery?

In principle, Bosch e-bike batteries are designed for many kilometers. An intelligent battery management system gets the most out of your battery and ensures a long service life. This cannot be quantified exactly, because it depends on too many factors. There are a few simple measures you can take to help your battery last longer: If you don't use your e-bike for a long time, you should store the battery in a dry place between 10 and 20 degrees. It should be protected from direct sunlight. The ideal charge level during storage is 30 to 60 percent. In winter, for example, it is best to take the battery into a warm apartment.

How Long is the Charging Time of a Rechargeable Battery?

This depends on the capacity of your Bosch e-bike battery. It also depends on which charger you have and how full the battery still is. With the standard charger, a Bosch PowerPack300 needs about 2.5 hours for a full charge. A PowerPack400 is full again after 3.5 hours, a PowerPack500 needs 4.5 hours. By the way, it doesn't matter how long you charge your battery. Interruptions in the charging process are not a problem. It is important that you use an original charger. If you want to buy an additional Bosch charger, for example for the office, you will find it in our store.

How High is the Range of a Battery Charge?

This is a common question that cannot be answered across the board. The range of your Bosch e-bike battery depends on many factors:

- What assistance level do you use?
- Do you brake frequently and have to start again?
- Are you riding into a strong headwind or do you have a tailwind?
- How much do you weigh?
- How much luggage do you have on board?
- Rre you riding a light commuting e-bike or a heavy cargo bike?
- Are you riding on flat or hilly terrain?
- Are you riding on asphalt or gravel roads?
- All these factors contribute to the fact that a battery charge can be exhausted after 20 kilometers or only after more than 100 kilometers. Bosch has developed a range assistant that gives you a feel for how long the battery is likely to last in your case. Apart from that, you'll quickly get a feel for how long you can ride your e-bike without recharging. On the road, you can also check the Bosch e-bike display at any time to see how your battery is doing.

Do I Need to Maintain My Battery?

As with any other bicycle, please do not use a high-pressure cleaner on your e-bike. It is best to clean your e-bike with a damp cloth and a gentle cleaning agent. Before cleaning, it is best to remove the battery and wipe it separately with the damp cloth. We recommend that you clean and lightly grease the plug contacts from time to time.

What Happens to My Old Battery When I Order a New One?

If your Bosch e-bike battery is defective and you need a new one, the German Take-back Solutions for Appliance and Industrial batteries ("Gemeinsame Rücknahmesystem Batterien") applies. You can then send your old battery to us. We will make sure that its valuable raw materials are returned to the raw materials cycle.

More Than a Display: Bosch E-Bike Computer

If you buy an e-bike with Bosch drive, you no longer need to order a bike computer separately. The Bosch on-board computer is part of the system. It is "hidden" behind the Bosch display, which is much more than just displaying data. Depending on the system, your Bosch e-bike display offers a different range of functions. From the minimalist control unit to the networked on-board computer, there is a suitable Bosch display for all needs in the range.

There are three main categories of Bosch on-board computer: The Bosch displays Purion and Intuvia are deliberately kept simple and can be operated intuitively. They do without complicated bells and whistles. Instead, they are perfect for you if you just want to ride an e-bike with a Bosch speedometer and read off the most important ride data. If you want to plan your rides digitally and evaluate them accurately, the networked Bosch Kiox and Nyon displays are perfect for you. They can be connected to the Bosch eBike Connect platform, which opens up many possibilities for you. If you are into high tech, want to evaluate your rides and like the community idea, Kiox or Nyon are your choice.

The third category from Bosch is doubly smart: With Bosch SmartphoneGrip, your smartphone becomes an intelligent Bosch bike computer. Together with the eBike Flow app, it opens up exciting possibilities. Your smartphone displays all important data about your ride, records it and is charged during the ride.

Bosch E-Bike Accessories for Upgrading and Retrofitting

Bosch e-bike products have been around for many years. With a Bosch e-bike drive, you have chosen a proven and reliable system. Bosch offers excellent service and many products can be upgraded or retrofitted. For example, you can buy a second Bosch bike battery or opt for a more modern display. Or would you like an additional Bosch e-bike charger for the office? If something breaks, there are all kinds of spare parts so that you can repair your e-bike and continue to use it. You'll find everything you need in our extensive range of Bosch accessories.