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FOCUS E-Bike - Your Reliable Companion in Everyday Life

A FOCUS e-bike accompanies you in all situations. In addition to the sporty electric mountain bikes from FOCUS, the Stuttgart brand has many exciting models for all-round use in its program. From casual touring e-bikes to high-performance trekking models and multifunctional urban e-bikes: At FOCUS, you will find the e-bike that best suits you and your everyday life. In the following, we'll explain what you should look out for when choosing and what makes the individual models stand out.

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Which FOCUS E-Bike is the Right One for You?

All-round e-bikes from FOCUS are uncomplicated companions for everyday use. They do everything, are reliable, comfortable and safe. Why does FOCUS divide them into three categories? Better than a well-fitting e-bike is a perfectly fitting e-bike! That's why each FOCUS e-bike category has different subtleties and details. Depending on where your focus lies, there's a model that's right for you. Which one is that? Let's find out!

FOCUS E-Bikes for Sport and Touring: The FOCUS JARIFA² Models

Sport and touring e-bikes from FOCUS are perfect for you if you want to ride them on long day trips. If you want to experience your adventures regardless of the ground, they offer the ideal conditions. Sure, these bikes also work in the city. However, the adventure gene is firmly anchored in their DNA. That's why you sit more sportily on the FOCUS JARIFA² e-bike. The geometry of this model is based on that of FOCUS e-mountain bikes. If you tend to have a sportier attitude and a certain adventurous spirit, the JARIFA² is perfect for you.

E-Bike FOCUS AVENTURA²: The Trekking Specialist

The FOCUS trekking e-bike AVENTURA² is extremely versatile. It is probably the biggest all-rounder in the Stuttgart company's e-bike portfolio. FOCUS Trekking e-bikes are just as suitable for long tours on asphalt or gravel as they are for everyday use in the city. In contrast to the sports and touring e-bikes from FOCUS, the focus is on comfort. Whether on the short ride to the office or on a long day tour: On the FOCUS AVENTURA² you sit relaxed and easy-going at all times. Thanks to full equipment including luggage rack, trekking bikes are true packhorses. For this reason, they are ideally suited for bike tours. If you are looking for a comfortable all-rounder for everyday use, the FOCUS trekking e-bike AVENTURA² is your model!


In the city, an e-bike should be agile, comfortable and safe. You have to brake and accelerate frequently in traffic. A good braking system and a powerful motor are extremely important here. On the way to daycare, the supermarket or the office, you're not on a race. Instead, you want to arrive at your destination relaxed and at ease. For this reason, FOCUS Urban e-bikes have a comfort-oriented geometry with an upright riding position. Equipped with mudguards, luggage rack and light, you are always ready to go with an Urban e-bike from FOCUS.

Which Motor is the Right One for You and How Much Power Do You Need Anyway?

How much engine power you need depends on many factors. The two most important are the weight you want to carry and the topography you're riding in. It's clear that if you're riding on the flat without any luggage, your engine will have much less to do than if you're riding fully loaded in the mountains. It's a similar story for the capacity of your battery. You can just remember: The more weight you want to transport and the more mountainous your surroundings are, the more important the electrical power of your drive is.

In the case of FOCUS e-bikes, you don't have to worry about this. All models - from the FOCUS Urban e-bike to the FOCUS Touring e-bike - are equipped with powerful Bosch Performance motors. In addition, they all have a Bosch Powertube battery with at least 625 Wh.

What Parts Should Your Allround E-Bike Have?

That depends a lot on what you have in mind and what type of rider you are. If you choose the FOCUS sport and touring e-bike, you probably like it agile and "zippy". That's why the JARIFA² models are "bare" by design: like a mountain bike, they come without racks, fenders, and lights. This saves weight, creates maneuverability and looks sportier. If you want to go on a big tour with such a bike, bags from the bikepacking sector are ideal. With a handlebar roll and large saddle bag, you get everything you need. The JARIFA² can easily accommodate a frame bag.

The AVENTURA² and PLANET² models come fully equipped out of the box. That is, they have lights, mudguards and a rack. This gives them a rather classic, urban look and is enormously practical in return. Whether it's light or dark outside, whether it's raining or not, and whether you have luggage with you or not, with these bikes you're prepared for anything at any time. If that's more important to you than agile handling and a casual sporty look, you're well advised to go with these models.

What Characterizes the Equipment of the FOCUS Allround E-Bikes?

When it comes to equipment, the most important thing for e-bikes is high reliability. Due to the additional motor power, higher forces act on the drive than on a conventional bike. A reliable, robust drive is more important on an e-bike than low weight or a maximum gear ratio range. A robust 10-speed gearshift is perfectly adequate. The motor does the rest. FOCUS does not use sinfully expensive high-end shift groups on its e-bikes and instead relies on the proven workhorses from Shimano. You can also rely on high durability at a fair price for the other parts.

One part we would like to highlight: On the AVENTURA² and JARIFA² models, FOCUS installs the in-house C.I.S. stem. The abbreviation stands for Cockpit Integration Solution. All cables of the bikes "disappear" directly in the stem and are led from there into the frame. This makes for an exceptionally tidy cockpit and also provides perfect protection for all lines and cables.