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Paul Component Neo-Retro Cantilever Rim Brake - black

Paul Component Neo-Retro Cantilever Rim Brake - black

The Neo-Retro is a wide-profile cantilever brake with a design based on the geometry of the famous Mafac Tandem brake. Where the Neo-Retro differs from its classic heritage is in its modern materials and adjustability.

The arms of the Neo-Retro are machined from lightweight 6061 aluminum. Their T-shaped cross section prevents the brake from flexing too much under load.
The brake pads mount to slots in the arms that allow for vertical positioning. The toe-in and angle can be fine-tuned thanks to the spherical washers on the brake pad threaded posts.
The long arms give the Neo-Retro lots of mechanical advantage and supreme mud clearance. However, for smaller frames and those with panniers, Paul Component will often recommend their narrower Touring Canti brake.
Like all of Paul's brakes, the Neo-Retro has a sealed pivot mechanism. Rubber seals and a stainless steel bushing keep the brake arms turning smoothly no matter what you’re riding through. The spring tension can be adjusted in both pivots to center the brake and to adjust the strength of the return swing.
The Neo-Retro stands out with its stopping power, high adjustability, low easy maintenance, and classic looks. The brakes come with their pivots pre-greased and with all necessary hardware.

Note: The Moon Unit cable carrier is not included.
These are very powerful brakes and have a tendency to overpower thin tubed frames (in any material). For none-too-stout frames and forks Paul Component recommend their Touring Canti.
Also, the arms stick out a lot! For smaller frames, bikes with bags, and people with large feet there can be some interference problems, in which case the Touring Canti might be more appropriate.
Included in delivery: one brake incl. Salmon Kool Stop Thinline brake pad
WITHOUT cable carrier!

Fact Sheet of Paul Component Neo-Retro Cantilever Rim Brake - black

Product Name: Paul Component Neo-Retro Cantilever Rim Brake - black
Manufacturer: Paul Component Engineering
Item Code: PAU318115
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: Road Bike
Rim brake - Mounting: Cantilever
brake actuation: Mechanical
Rim brake - Version : # Front wheel, # Rear wheel, Brake
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 100g
Manufacturer page: https://paulcomp.com/