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Black Diamond

Black Diamond Stopper Set Classic No. 5-11

Black Diamond Stopper Set Classic No. 5-11

Time-tested passive pro, Stoppers are a direct link to the original chocks that started the clean climbing revolution. Black Diamond Stoppers are an essential for every trad rack, designed with a transverse taper that permits sideways placements in flares and shallow seams. Anodized by size, they're quickly identifiable and rounded edges make for easy removal. Each Stopper is equipped with a durable, galvanized steel cable. Stoppers No. 5-11 racked on a Micron carabiner.


  • Durable aluminum heads and steel cables
  • Transverse taper is versatile in flares, constrictions and parallel cracks
  • Rounded edges for easy cleaning (smaller sizes are straight for better surface contact)


  • 5: 8.4/13.5 mm (0.33/0.53 in)
  • 6: 10.2/15.5 mm (0.40/0.61 in)
  • 7: 11.7/16.3 mm (0.46/0.64 in)
  • 8: 13.5/18.3 mm (0.53/0.72 in)
  • 9: 15.2/20.8 mm (0.60/0.82 in)
  • 10: 17.3/23.4 mm (0.68/0.92 in)
  • 11: 20.1/26.7 mm (0.79/1.05 in)

Material: aluminium, galvanized steel cable

Fact Sheet of Black Diamond Stopper Set Classic No. 5-11

Product Name: Black Diamond Stopper Set Classic No. 5-11
Manufacturer: Black Diamond
Item Code: BDD321268
activity: Climbing
safety standards: CE 0333, EN 12270
breaking load: 10kN
nut/friend/tool version: Nuts
Model year: 2023
Collection: Spring/Summer
weight: 281g
Weight Source: Manufacturer