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DT Swiss Rotor Conversion Kit Ratchet to EXP - Road - Ceramic Bearings - SRAM XDR 12x142mm

DT Swiss Rotor Conversion Kit Ratchet to EXP - Road - Ceramic Bearings - SRAM XDR 12x142mm

Freehub body featuring Sinc Ceramic bearings to change wheels and hubs with DT Swiss Ratchet System rotor to EXP rotor standard.

Features of the DT Swiss EXP freehub

The new freehub with EXP spur toothing: Lighter, stiffer, more precise and easier to maintain. The strengths of the Ratchet freehub bodies have been further improved with the new EXP technology.

DT Swiss EXP technology:

  • Easy maintenance

    ...through a small change to the end caps.

    An integrated notch, the newly developed shape of the end caps greatly simplifies disassembly, making maintenance much easier.

  • Replacement of the freewheel

    Also now simpler thanks to the simplified disassembly. The tool-free concept allows the conversion to another drive standard within seconds. All DT Swiss hubs with ratchet system can be converted.

  • Less weight

    Not only reliability has been improved. The fusion of ratchet and threaded ring reduces the number of small parts in the system, which is a significant advantage. The previous ratchet system required two springs to function properly because the internal ratchet was not attached to the hub shell. The fusion of the ratchet and the threaded ring in the Ratchet EXP hub not only increases durability, but also reduces the overall number of components by using only one spring, resulting in a reduction in the weight of the freewheel system.

  • Less wear

    A single cylindrical spring provides faster full engagement, increasing reliability. Previous systems required two conical springs to ensure the correct angle between the two pawls. The fixed connection between the inner ratchet and the hub shell of the EXP ratchet ensures that the inner ratchet is always aligned at the correct angle. This allows the use of a single cylindrical spring, resulting in faster full engagement and therefore increased reliability.

  • Superior reliability

    The full engagement of the ratchets creates a large contact area and therefore low surface pressure, resulting in superior reliability. What makes the ratchet system hubs superior is that all the teeth on each of the ratchets engage simultaneously every time. In the ratchet hubs, the area of engagement is rather small. With the ratchet system, the entire face engages, resulting in much lower point loads. The result is the legendary reliability of Ratchet System hubs.

  • Increased bearing life

    By integrating the bearing into the threaded ring, the bearing spacing can be maximized. The increased spacing further supports the axle, resulting in less axle deflection, protecting the bearings and increasing their life. The bearing spacing is limited by the size of the freewheel system. With the previous system, the bearing had to be placed on the drive side next to the threaded ring, which meant that the distance could not be increased. By integrating the bearing on the drive side into the threaded ring, the bearing spacing is increased, resulting in a 15% improvement in axle rigidity.


DT Swiss Sinc Ceramic Technology

SINC ceramic ball bearings have been developed by DT Swiss as a system. They are based on balls made of the ceramic material silicon nitride (Si3N4) which is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion. The bearing rings are made of a specially developed steel alloy adapted to the properties of the ceramic material and are precision ground.

This combination reduces rolling resistance to an absolute minimum and ensures extended durability compared to conventional ball bearings. But it is not just the bearing itself that is designed as a system. Only by adjusting the tolerances in the thousandth of a millimetre range, exactly matching the tolerances of the bearing seats of DT Swiss hubs, do SINC Ceramic bearings unfold their full performance and offer the decisive advantage over competitor products.




  • PRC 1100 Dicut Mon Chasseral
  • ARC 1100 Dicut DB
  • ARC 1400 Dicut DB

Fact Sheet of DT Swiss Rotor Conversion Kit Ratchet to EXP - Road - Ceramic Bearings - SRAM XDR 12x142mm

Product Name: DT Swiss Rotor Conversion Kit Ratchet to EXP - Road - Ceramic Bearings - SRAM XDR 12x142mm
Manufacturer: DT Swiss
Item Code: DTS514800
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: Road Bike
shifting system: 11-speed, 12-speed
axle standard: 12x142mm (RW)
Freehub Body: XDR (SRAM 12s Road)
hub accessories: Freewheel body (rotor)
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
weight: 44g
manufacturer item code: HWYCBL00S5383S
Freewheel System: Ratchet
Manufacturer page: http://www.dtswiss.com