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Bliz Hero Small Replacement Lenses - Pink

Bliz Hero Small Replacement Lenses - Pink

Bliz carries a wide range of high quality interchangeable lenses for Bliz Hero Small sunglasses. Bliz glasses are designed so that the lenses can be easily changed for different weather and light conditions.

The goal is to give you the greatest possible flexibility when practicing different sports.


Pink spare lens, fits Hero Small sports glasses. Filter category 1 - thats increase contrast and brighten up the landscape.

Overview of the different filter categories of the Bliz Hero Replacement Lenses

0 = ❅☁ Dark conditions such as sunset, night, indoor, snowfall or cloudy days. LT 80-100%
1 = ☁ Flat lighting conditions, increased contrast and brightening of the landscape. LT 43-80%
2 = ☁☀ Enhanced contrast on bright days in all ambient conditions. LT 18-43%
3 = ☀ For bright conditions. LT 8-18%
4 = ☀☀ Exceptionally strong sunlight. LT 3-8%



Fact Sheet of Bliz Hero Small Replacement Lenses - Pink

Product Name: Bliz Hero Small Replacement Lenses - Pink
Manufacturer: Bliz
Item Code: BLI580095
Weight Source: Manufacturer
lens properties: constant tinge, changeable lenses, UV Protection
For lighting conditons: Category 1 - bad weather
lens material: Polycarbonate
light transmission: 55%
eyewear accessories: Replacement lenses
Model year: 2022
Collection: Autumn/Winter
Color: Pink
Manufacturer page: