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Buddyswim Buoy Dry Bag LLS 20lt - orange

Buddyswim Buoy Dry Bag LLS 20lt - orange

20LT Drybag Buoy for Open Water Swimmers

Buddyswim safety buoys for open water swimmers allow you to swim safely in the ocean, lakes and/or marshes. They not only provide optimal visibility so you can be seen by nearby boats, but also so your family or friends can see your position from shore. Its great buoyancy allows you to rest and use it as a flotation device when needed. Thanks to its 100% waterproof inner compartment, your personal belongings will stay completely dry while swimming.

Buddyswim Drybag buoys have two independent air chambers, so in case of a breakdown or loss of air, the buoy will not be completely deflated. They are available in two sizes with a capacity of 20 liters, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs, and include a silicone lid in the same color and design as the buoy to increase visibility in the water.

Buddyswim Buoy Dry Bag LLS 20lt Swim Buoy Features:

  • DOUBLE AIRBAG: All Drybag models have 2 independent air chambers to prevent the buoy from deflating completely in the event of a breakdown or air loss. Remember to inflate both chambers before entering the water.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: The nylon coating on all Drybag buoy models provides greater resistance to scratches, avoids potential punctures and improves resistance over time.
  • 100% WATERPROOF INTERIOR SPACE: You can store personal items such as a towel, cell phone or car keys in the 20-liter model, even a pair of sneakers and spare clothes.
  • Care: Store in an interior space protected from ultraviolet rays and preferably ventilated. It is important to rinse the buoy with plenty of fresh water after each use and let it dry completely before storing it in the shade.
  • Included in the package: 1 Drybag buoy 20 liters, 1 adjustable belt, 1 silicone cap in the same color and design as the buoy.

Fact Sheet of Buddyswim Buoy Dry Bag LLS 20lt - orange

Product Name: Buddyswim Buoy Dry Bag LLS 20lt - orange
Manufacturer: Buddyswim
Item Code: BDS590608
activity: Swim
swim accessories: Safety
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Orange
weight: 685g