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Pitlock Set 03 FW + RW Lock - silver

Pitlock Set 03 FW + RW Lock - silver

The Pitlock Bike Lock protects your bike parts against partial thievery. More often the valuable component parts of a bike are not safely enough protected against pilferers. The quick release of a bike are an invitation for partial thievery. The Pitlock system is based on the "Pit", a special lock with 256 different codes for maximum security. It's made of stainless steel only for quick-release axles.

The Pitlock sets includes only standard lengths of axles (FW 100 mm, RW 135 mm). Over locknut distances: FW 119 mm, RW 155 mm. The over locknut distance is the maximum distance between the outer points of the frame or fork clamping.

Note: If you already use Pitlock, please contact our service team to order more components with the same code.
Included in delivery: 1 front wheel axle, 1 rear wheel axle, 1 Pit with safety pass, 1 installation guide
Material: stainless steel
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs

Fact Sheet of Pitlock Set 03 FW + RW Lock - silver

Product Name: Pitlock Set 03 FW + RW Lock - silver
Manufacturer: Pitlock
Item Code: PTL106356
activity: Cycling
lock version: Component Safety Systems
Model year: 2021
Color: Silver, Metallic
weight: 160g
manufacturer item code: 03
Manufacturer page: