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Assos Active Wear Cleanser 300ml

Assos Active Wear Cleanser 300ml

Always wash your sportswear with ASSOS Active Wear cleaner, if possible preferably by hand. The cleaner is gentle to the elastic fibres, pH neutral, prevents odour build-up and maintains the breathability of the material, as well as the colours. For washing in the machine or by hand.

Washing instructions:

Turn your clothes inside out, select the gentle cycle of your machine, check the temperature of the water (max. 30°C) and use ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser or another mild liquid soap instead of your normal washing powder for your sportswear. Otherwise, detergent residues may remain in the pores of the sportswear, which can significantly reduce its functionality.

Assos recommends that you rinse your clothes with clean water after each use and hang them to dry (not in direct sunlight). Never put your sportswear in the dryer.


If you sweat a lot, Assos recommends rinsing your clothes by hand after wearing them with clear water and some mild soap or ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser, as sweat and bacteria can attack the fabric.


Hand wash: 1 cap to 5L water
Machine wash: 2-3 caps

Fact Sheet of Assos Active Wear Cleanser 300ml

Product Name: Assos Active Wear Cleanser 300ml
Manufacturer: ASSOS
Item Code: ASS172854
textile cleaning & care: Technical Apparel
content: 300ml
Model year: 2022
Collection: Autumn/Winter
weight: 327g