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ABUS Bike Locks - Security for Your Bike!

The security expert ABUS offers bike locks for every need: folding locks like the famous BORDO series, chain locks, U-locks, armored cable locks and spiral cable locks... Here you will find a huge selection of ABUS locks and get an overview of the different types.

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ABUS Locks - Security for Your Bike!

ABUS bike locks are synonymous with the safety of your bike. ABUS locks are appreciated worldwide for their high quality and safety. The company employs around 4,000 people worldwide. It all started totally small: ABUS was founded in 1924 by August Bremicker in his garage. The "Iron Rock" was the first ABUS product with which the company founder had a lucky hand. Although competition was fierce in the company's location in Wetter an der Ruhr, the company grew quickly. Soon it had to move: A production site in Hegestraße in Wetter Volmarstein became the new home of ABUS. By the way, the Hegestraße is totally known among racing cyclists*. It is one of the steepest roads in Germany! If you ever do your mountain training here: The ABUS branch in Hegestraße still exists today. Today, the actual company headquarters is located a bit further on in an industrial area. From there the fortunes of ABUS are steered. Today, ABUS is an internationally active company that is clearly committed to Germany as a production location and has several branches here.

ABUS Bike Lock - What are the Types of Locks?

The first ABUS lock was a classic padlock. Today, the range is huge. ABUS offers various bicycle locks, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • U-locks
  • Folding locks
  • Chain locks
  • Cable locks
  • Frame locks

In the following, we will go into more detail about the features of each ABUS bike lock. The goal is that you can decide for yourself which type of ABUS bike lock is right for you.

The ABUS D-lock: The Stable Classic

A D-lock, also called U-lock, is usually extremely stable and unbreakable. This is due to the solid construction and the few components. There are few moving parts and thus no attack surfaces for thieves. With the 770A SMARTX, ABUS has an electronically operated lock in its range that you can open and close via app. This lock has an integrated alarm function that additionally deters thieves. The disadvantages of ABUS U-locks are their bulky design and high weight. Highest security has its price.

The ABUS Folding Lock: Security Meets Compactness

Folding locks from ABUS all belong to the Bordo product family. The Bordo is synonymous with modern folding locks. Bordo folding locks offer exceptionally good security. Unlike the U-lock, they are much more compact and can be more easily attached to the bike by means of special brackets. They are available with a key or as an ABUS combination lock. There is also a Bordo model with alarm function and a smart Bordo with app connection.

The ABUS Chain Lock: The Jack of All Trades Among Locks

Chain locks come in a wide variety of designs. They are enormously popular because they are extremely flexible. Thanks to their variable shape, they can be "threaded" through the bike extraordinarily comfortably, so you can always find a suitable place to connect. ABUS chain locks are available as heavy, secure versions. You can optionally get super light ABUS chain locks like the My First ABUS. This not only looks funny, but is also so light that children can easily take it with them.

The ABUS Cable Lock: Lightweight and Flexible

If your lock should be light and versatile, a cable lock from ABUS is perfect for you. Due to the flexible cable, you get your bike connected with it basically everywhere. They offer a good basic protection and exert a deterrent effect on thieves with their partly massive appearance. If you want to get in with your everyday bike "just quickly" somewhere, an ABUS cable lock is a very good choice.

The ABUS Frame Lock: At No Time Without!

The name gives it away: An ABUS frame lock is firmly mounted on the frame. The big advantage: You have it at hand at all times. Frame locks are lightweight and do not stand out visually. They have only one disadvantage: Your bike is locked and a wheel is thus blocked. The bike is not secured against being carried away. For this reason, there are various chain or cable locks with direct connection option as a supplement. This protects your bike even more effectively. For the spontaneous mini shopping or if you need a stop for the bio break, a frame lock is definitely better than nothing!