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The CUBE Trekking Bikes for Women and Men: Off to the Adventure!

A trekking bike is the first choice for nature lovers or weekend cyclists who enjoy excursions into the countryside. It carries you comfortably over stony gravel paths or winding forest trails. Trekking bikes are very robust and are also easy to handle. A CUBE trekking bike is a good choice for both beginners and advanced riders. The manufacturer produces these bikes for men and women of all ages. So nothing stands in the way of your cycling adventure with the whole family!

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CUBE Trekking Bikes Take You Everywhere

Trekking bikes are equipped so that they can be used anywhere without any problems - whether you are on the road in the city or cycling through the park. With a CUBE trekking bike you can get almost anywhere. The manufacturer uses super-light aluminum for its bikes, which makes handling easier in more ways than one. Because lightweight bikes are not only easier to steer. They are also less likely to get stuck in the soft ground, if you are ever on unpaved roads. CUBE trekking bikes have been designed as all-rounders. This means that these bikes can withstand light shocks, and their tires are also kept rugged. In addition, the paint job protects them from the elements and keeps the metal from light scuffs. There are the CUBE trekking bike for men and women in different finishes. So everyone has the right model. And equipped with an electric motor, the CUBE trekking bike is suitable for men and women who like to take a bike tour leisurely.

The CUBE Trekking Bike is also Available as Hybrid

For particularly leisurely cycling, you'll find a trekking bike from CUBE that has an electric motor from Bosch. The compact but powerful motor supports the rider while pedaling. This can be very helpful on long, strenuous rides. You have less strenuous pedaling to do, especially when riding uphill. CUBE's electric trekking bikes are marked "hybrid" and are available in CUBE women's trekking bike and CUBE men's trekking bike versions. Of course, they are also first-class bikes, as you are used to from the brand. The CUBE trekking bike for women or men under the name Hybrid has the electric motor only as an additional aid. So you can still enjoy a sporty ride with it without resorting to the motor. But thus more comfortable men and women have a trekking bike from CUBE, which also brings some coziness to the bike ride. As with any trekking bike from CUBE, the suspension seatposts and wheel forks provide a special ride comfort. So you get on with these trekking bikes quickly and comfortably - whether in the city or in the country.

Urban Bikes for the City

Even in the city, where environmentally conscious people are increasingly traveling by bike, a trekking bike for women or men from CUBE is just right. The trekking bike from CUBE labeled "Urban" combines the robustness of a mountain bike with the performance of a road bike. It is designed for use in road traffic and stands out with a discreet but classy design. Especially with regard to sustainability, a CUBE trekking bike is intended for men and women who want to be environmentally conscious on the road. With a trekking bike from CUBE men and women can move comfortably everywhere. Even sneak paths and shortcuts are open to you at any time: Where cars and motorcycles can not go, you have with a CUBE trekking bike for men or women open road!

Extra Robust and Easy Access

Of course, every trekking bike from CUBE is designed so that you can easily get on and off. But there is under the name "Easy Entry" from CUBE a trekking bike with 28 inch tires, which is designed primarily for seniors. This special CUBE trekking bike is suitable for ladies and gentlemen of an aging age and in any case ensures comfortable cycling.

With a trekking bike from CUBE, ladies and gentlemen of all ages have the right bike for every occasion. On BIKE24 you will also find bike accessories and bike clothing, which will further enhance your riding experience.