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FOCUS Road Bikes: Dropbar Bikes for Best Times and Adventure

FOCUS defines the category road bike short and crisp: On the one hand, the road bike FOCUS model IZALCO MAX stands for aerodynamic high-tech lightweight construction. It is the right bike for all those who are on the hunt for best times and KOM trophies. Its counterpart is the ATLAS model with true endurance geometry and distinct gravel genes. If you love endurance adventures, this FOCUS drop bar bike is right up your alley. FOCUS saves all intermediate steps, so you only have to make one decision: full throttle or full fun?

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Which FOCUS Road Bike Type are you?

FOCUS road bike is honestly not the appropriate category name for the model ATLAS. It is a gravel bike with everything that goes with it. Deciding which FOCUS road bike is right for you clearly depends on your preferences. Before we go into more detail about the specifics of the two models, let's briefly explain what it's all about: the IZALCO MAX is a thoroughbred road bike. It's super light, super efficient and 100 percent trimmed for aerodynamics. It's a stylish, high-tech road bike and perfect for you if every second counts for you. Or are you looking for adventure and long bikepacking trips? Then the FOCUS Gravel Bike ATLAS is your model. It is robust, comfortable and totally versatile. What makes the two models in detail, we will now go into. Before that, you can answer the question for yourself: Which FOCUS Dropbar Bike type are you?


What does the Max stand for in the IZALCO model? FOCUS has a clear answer: maximum lightweight construction. The Stuttgart-based company achieves this with a carbon frame calculated on the computer. It uses exactly as much material as absolutely necessary - not a single gram more! At 890 grams, the frame is sensationally light. Nevertheless, it is stiff where it needs to be stiff. At the same time, it offers enough comfort for a pleasant ride. For example, the fibers on the rear triangle have more flex and can compensate vibrations and small shocks perfectly. An aerodynamically optimized frame includes a corresponding geometry: On the FOCUS road bike you sit sporty stretched - ideal for efficient propulsion! Does this sound like the ideal road bike for you? Then look forward to many more chic details!

Road Bike Finesse in Every Detail

The FOCUS IZALCO MAX road bike is certainly not an off-the-peg bike. Wherever you look, thoughtful and sophisticated details await you. The specially developed stem is a real treat. All cables run internally and disappear directly into the head tube. This not only looks good: In this way, they are optimally protected, which keeps the maintenance effort low. To compensate for the higher position, the stem is tilted down by 11 degrees, resulting in a sporty, aerodynamic riding position. The stem comes in six lengths ranging from 70 to 120 mm.

Similarly ingenious and totally practical is the FOCUS quick release thru axle R.A.T.: It combines the advantages of a classic quick release with the stiffness of a thru axle. We guarantee you: You have never removed a wheel with thru axle as quickly as on this FOCUS road bike.

A fine detail is the seatpost in D-shape: It is streamlined and comfortable at the same time. The 28 mm wide tires also combine maximum efficiency and maximum comfort. As you can see, everything about the IZALCO is "MAX". Except for the weight: With 7.3 kg total weight, it is the only thing that is truly mini on this FOCUS road bike.

The Focus at FOCUS ATLAS: Long Adventures!

Does the name of the FOCUS Gravel Bike evoke images of endless gravel roads in a breathtaking desert landscape in your head? That could be intentional. The Atlas Mountain Race is a cult event in the gravel scene. Maybe it's already on your bucket list? Whatever the case, the FOCUS Gravel Bike called Atlas is made for such conditions. When adventure calls, the ATLAS is at the start! For this it has a robust aluminum frame, which is equipped with all kinds of threaded eyelets. You can attach bikepacking bags and accessories and plunge into the adventure. Or you can decide to set it up as an everyday bike: The models with the suffix EQP come fully equipped with mudguards, rack and light. This makes the Atlas perfect for everyday commuting. FOCUS puts it this way: "The Atlas is the all-rounder among the all-rounders" - we can absolutely agree with that!

The ATLAS gravel bike also comes with all kinds of thoughtful details. First and foremost, the impressive tire clearance: A whopping 47 mm wide tires fit in the rear triangle and fork, and the FOCUS bike is also compatible with 650B wheels. In this way, it can be built as an extremely robust adventure bike. The Atlas is equipped for big adventures: The compact frame ensures the best handling and a comfortable riding position. On this bike, you'll feel right at home even after a long day in the saddle. Meanwhile, you don't have to worry about anything. The equipment was chosen to be one thing above all: reliable. That's absolutely true of Shimano's GRX shifting group.

Like the FOCUS road bike IZALCO MAX, the cables run from the handlebars into the frame completely internally. This not only looks sexy, but also offers ideal protection for the cables, which keeps maintenance low. 

Aluminum or Carbon: FOCUS Road Bike or FOCUS Gravel Bike

FOCUS does not decide on a frame material. FOCUS takes a totally pragmatic approach and first asks the question: Which material is ideally suited for which area of use? The answer to this is clear: Carbon is used exclusively on the FOCUS IZALCO MAX road bike. In contrast, FOCUS uses aluminum for the frame of the ATLAS gravel bike and combines it with a lightweight carbon fork.

The FOCUS Max carbon technology is used on the FOCUS road bike. It stands for maximum lightweight construction. The computer-calculated design of the fibers enables an optimum ratio of weight to stiffness. The processing in the high-pressure molding process also brings maximum strength. The result is an ultra-light, robust and comfortable frame at the crucial points. This creates an insanely efficient frame with which you can achieve best times on asphalt.

On the FOCUS gravel bike ATLAS, it's a different story. Here, weight is secondary. Instead, what matters is maximum reliability. In addition, the price of the bike is a decision criterion. Aluminum has the edge in this combination: The material is absolutely proven and offers the best ratio of weight, stiffness and a reasonable price.