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DT Swiss Replacement Bearings

DT Swiss Replacement Bearings

High-quality, sealed replacement bearings for DT Swiss hubs.

Manufacturer ID. Size Compatibility
DT 6000 - HSBXXX00N1002S 10/26x8mm LB/LU RW all models
DT 6001 - HSBXXX00N3005S 12/28x8mm LB/LU FW all models
DT 6900 - HSBXXX00N4085S 10/26x8mm for RW DT Onyx Light and its successor DT 370
DT 6802 - HSBXXX00N1244S 15/24x5mm DT 240 V-Brake hub
for 240 Road freehub
for Tricon freehub
all 240 RW hubs model-year 2011
DT 6902 - HSBXXX00N1468S 15/28x7mm RW-hub EX1750
RW-hub EX1550
RW-hub FR2050
RW-hub XM1501
FW-hub EX1750
RW-hub Hügi 240
FW-hub Hügi 240 Disc
FW-hub 370 (thru axle 15 mm)
DT 6902 stainless - HSBXXX00N1285S 15/28x7mm FW/RW Disc hubs 240s (except Oversize)
RW-hub FR 440
FW/RW hub 340 (thru axle 10/12/15 mm)
DT 6802 stainless - HSBXXX00N1466S 15/24x5mm FW-hub Hügi 240 Non Disc, Non Radial
FW-hub 240s
RW-hub 240er ab 2011
RW-hub 440 FR
FW-hub 340
RW-hub 340
FW-hub Tricon RR1450
FW-hub Tricon XM1550
for 240er/Tricon freehub
DT 6805 - HSBXXX00N2453S 25/37x7mm FW-hub EX1750
FW-hub EX1550
FW-hub FR2050
FW-hub 440 FR
FW-hub 240s Oversize
FW-hub 370 20mm thru axle
FW-hub Hügi FR
DT 6904 - HSBXXX00N1414S 20/37x9mm FW-hub Onyx 20mm thru axle
FW-hub 370 20mm thru axle
FW-hub 340 20mm thru axle
DT 6903 - HSBXXX00N1713S 17/26x5mm FW-hub 240s Non-Disc
Tricon FW

Included in delivery: 1 bearing

Fact Sheet of DT Swiss Replacement Bearings

Product Name: DT Swiss Replacement Bearings
Manufacturer: DT Swiss
Item Code: DTS224027
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike, MTB
hub accessories: Replacement Bearings
Model year: 2022
weight: 37g
Manufacturer page: