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Gates Carbon Drive

Gates Carbon Drive CDX Centertrack-Belt - blue

Gates Carbon Drive CDX Centertrack-Belt - blue

Gates Carbon Drive CDX Belt to be used with Centertrack-Sprockets.

The technology behind Gates Carbon Drive is rooted in high horsepower motorcycles and dragsters. Now, this high performance technology has been perfected for a wide variety of bicycles. At the core of the drive is the CenterTrack belt. Custom made, this 12-mm pitch, carbon-fiber belt is stronger than and as efficient as a traditional bike chain. The drive is completed with innovative sprocket designs and your choice of internally-geared or single-speed hub. The patented Gates Carbon Drive gives you a longer-lasting, lower-maintenance drive, and most importantly, an unbelievably awesome ride.


  • No chain grease
  • More durable and lasts longer than metal chain
  • Weighs less than a traditional chain
  • Smooth and quiet ride


Material: carbonfiber reinforced polyurethane
Type of chain: Belt
Weight supplement: manufacturer information with 113 teeth

Fact Sheet of Gates Carbon Drive CDX Centertrack-Belt - blue

Product Name: Gates Carbon Drive CDX Centertrack-Belt - blue
Manufacturer: Gates Carbon Drive
Item Code: GCD240964
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB
shifting system: Belt drive
Model year: 2023
Color: Black
weight: 88g
manufacturer item code: 11M-108T-12CTS Blue
11M-111T-12CTS Blue
11M-113T-12CTS Blue
11M-115T-12CTS Blue
11M-118T-12CTS Blue
11M-120T-12CTS Blue
11M-122T-12CTS Blue
11M-125T-12CTS Blue
Manufacturer page: http://de.gatescarbondrive.com/