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SRAM Rival 22 Moto DoubleTap Brake Lever, -Shifter + Hydraulic Disc Brake - Flat Mount - left | 2-speed

SRAM Rival 22 Moto DoubleTap Brake Lever, -Shifter + Hydraulic Disc Brake - Flat Mount - left | 2-speed

Important note: This article is the Moto version. In the Moto version, the left brake lever operates the rear brake and the right brake lever operates the front brake.

SRAM Rival 22: Rival Your Limits

The new SRAM Rival 22 group offers a wide range of performance potential for different wheels and Diziplinen. Whether on the road, cyclocross or triathlon the Rival 22 combines ergonomics, efficiency, advanced technologies and durability. Thus, it meets almost every requirement of each type of rider and brings you to your limit! The requirements of an ambitious cyclist are usually more diverse but rarely less than those of professionals and semi-professionals. The demands change and grow with the respective driving performance whether in racing or off the road. So why should these riders buy a gear for professionals? The Rival 22 closes this gap and was designed 100% to meet the demands of cyclists.

Road bike braking systems have remained at a pretty medieval level. Sure, they're fancier and lighter, but rudimentary. While space-age technology has driven the development of frames and drive systems, road bike brake technology has been stuck in the age of horseshoes and horse-drawn carriages. SRAM, with the Avid brand already a long time leader in hydraulic braking technology, has revolutionized the braking systems for road bikes and introduces hydraulic technology for versatile purposes: disc or rim brake - SRAM will stop what you have driven - faster and with better modulation.

Features of the SRAM Rival 22 Moto Disc Brake - Flat Mount.

  • Brand new design inside and out
  • Revised ergonomics for better finger grip width and new shifter for more finger space
  • Individual grip width adjustment
  • Forged aluminum brake and shift levers
  • Less effort required
  • Fully sealed system protects against contamination
  • Easy access for bleeding

SRAM Rival 22 Moto Disc Brake Technologies - Flat Mount.

DOT 5.1™.

Heat is the enemy of any braking system. Better heat management will make your ride much safer too. SRAM has found that it takes three times longer for DOT 5.1 to reach the boiling point than DOT 4. This ensures smooth and never diminishing braking power in even more extreme conditions.


What is DoubleTap? DoubleTap® is SRAM's key technology that replaces legacy technology. The combination of brake and shift lever has not proven itself. SRAM RED, SRAM Force, SRAM Rival and SRAM Apex have a brake lever that brakes and a shift lever that shifts. The advantages of DoubleTap®: With DoubleTap® you shift faster and easier. There is only one direction of movement. To shift up, a short tap is enough. To shift to a lower gear, you simply push the lever further down.

This is how DoubleTap works: The ingenious thing about DoubleTap® technology is the constant direction of movement of the shift lever. With a short, quick tap, the transport pawl moves the ratchet wheel up through the shift range. For a lower gear, the lever is moved a longer distance. In the process, the retaining and transport pawls overlap quickly and cleanly.

Free choice of grip position: The almost linear direction of movement of the DoubleTap® levers offers yet another advantage. The shift lever can be operated from almost any grip position. Unique is the fact that the shift lever can be pulled to the handlebar like the trigger of a pistol! You can shift up in a sprint without releasing the grip on the handlebars.

Your advantage: the efficient, ergonomic design saves weight and offers more comfort in return. You can also shift while sprinting, which gives you a decisive advantage not only in competition. Our single-lever mechanism also allows faster and more precise shifting without having to change your grip on the handlebars. DoubleTap® is the new way of shifting and thinking: make the leap.


This brake lever consists of three separate elements and will significantly improve your riding experience with SRAM DoubleTap levers. The brake lever is slightly longer than previous DoubleTap levers and therefore easier to reach from the lower handlebar grips. The separate grip width adjustment on the brake and shift levers can be quickly and easily adjusted for each hand size. The upper handlebar has an all-new design with a smaller diameter, and its improved shape makes it easier to control and grip.


When SRAM first introduced road bike technologies, it again relied on the proven SRAM MTB 1:1 gear ratio (shift cable travel : rear derailleur movement) for 10-speed shifting. Exact Actuation helps to create a simpler and more stable balance between the design of the rear derailleur suspension, narrow sprocket gaps and exact tension. The result: a shifting system that's a breeze to operate.

Grip width adjustment

The fit and ergonomics of the brake lever is a very personal matter. Riders have individual position preferences as well as unique hand sizes and finger lengths. With the grip width adjustment, the lever can be adjusted as easy as child's play - for maximum control with just one finger.


The derailleur cage rotates to maintain a constant angular relationship with the chain. The Yaw technology allows a trim-free shifting. The shifting transitions are thus more direct and precise and in combination with the new Red crank and Red chainrings, the Yaw forms a perfect unit with the chain. The Yaw technology allows a trim-free circuit. Shifting transitions are more direct and precise and in combination with the new RED crank and RED chainrings, the Yaw provides unprecedented forward shifting performance.


ZeroLoss stands for "zero loss." When you press the gear lever to shift up or down a gear, the cable is instantly released, providing zero lost motion. There's no more idle time waiting for the gear to engage. The gear is changed immediately and precisely.

Brake pads: organic
Brake disc: Brake disc not included!

Scope of delivery: DoubleTap Hydraulic Shifter, shift cable, brake line, brake caliper

Fact Sheet of SRAM Rival 22 Moto DoubleTap Brake Lever, -Shifter + Hydraulic Disc Brake - Flat Mount - left | 2-speed

Product Name: SRAM Rival 22 Moto DoubleTap Brake Lever, -Shifter + Hydraulic Disc Brake - Flat Mount - left | 2-speed
Manufacturer: SRAM
Item Code: SRA269347
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike
groupset: SRAM
number of chainrings: 2
shifting system: 11-speed
shifting actuation: Mechanical
disc brake mount: Flatmount
brake actuation: Hydraulic
brake lever version: Drop bar
brake fluid: DOT 5.1
Disc brake - version: Set caliper & lever
Shift lever - Version: Shift-brake-lever
Model year: 2023
Color: Black
manufacturer item code: 00.7018.144.006
Manufacturer page: