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Syntace NumberNine² Titanium Pedal - black

Syntace NumberNine² Titanium Pedal - black

Syntace NumberNine 2 Titanium Pedal

The most stable and lightest Flat Pedal of Syntace. The original 2009er Number Nine pedal with his finely readjustable cone bearings, as well as its successor and the NumberNine Custom with its four industrial bearings Number Nine Custom beat easily and reliably in daily use until today without a single pedal break. A high demands on the new, extremely lightweight Syntace NumberNine Titan, which should come up with further improved stability at almost 30% reduced weight. After many prototypes and finally even a new, even more stringent own test standards for pedal axles, axle bearing, pedal body and even the pedal pins the Number Nine titanium pedal has been further developed.

100% ball bearings, nothing else
Consistently applied physics: ball bearings have a much lower coefficient of friction than friction bearings, especially under load. Especially when the most open friction bearings have the typical dirt ingress. This is why Syntace uses only the finest precision cartridge bearings at all three bearing locations. Simply put, for you as a rider, this means: you have pedals with the least possible power loss. The harder you pedal, the greater the performance output advantage.

If you build strong, you can build light weight
The Syntace monoblock pedal body is made from one piece of aviation certified machined 7075-T6 aluminum. All ribs and cross members are explicitly designed as structural load bearing members without any cut-outs or holes or other similar fashionable attributes. This makes the NumberNine² Titan in hard, rocky terrain virtually indestructible. A hollow drilled, high-strength titanium axle tested greatly intensified, own test standard for pedal axles keeps the NumberNine² Flat Pedal reliably at over 500 kg, breaking load per pedal! Even today without a single pedal break. High load axial impacts are absorbed by an especially tough end-stop instead of by the bearings. This means that the bearings are not loaded radially from outside through hard impacts.

The result: Sensational 296 g (size M including 44 pins and grease filling). The 44 pins aresophisticated placed on the tread, sitting on a special, slightly concave height order: The middle pins of NumberNine² titanium are slightly deeper, the outer eight pins sit on completely solid and elevated ribs without any cutouts.

Steel-alloy mapping
The NumberNine² Titan is sold with one full set of alloy 7075 T6 pins, as well as a hex key driver with modified head for simple assembly of the pins. You can not only vary the number of pins, but can also replace the more exposed pins with steel pins.

The right pedal size for every rider
The Syntace NumberNine² is the first pedal, which is not only available in one standard size, but in three proportionally scaled sizes. Because, a pedal should not fit a standard sized rider, but actually fit you. As a rough guide you can go by:

Shoe size Pedal size
35 - 42 S
38 - 45 M
43 - 50 L

A sizes comparison in a ratio of 1:1 of the relative pedal faces you can see in the picture section.
In addition to the shoe size, the choice of the optimal pedal for you strongly depends on the actual width of the sole of the shoe cycled model, the preferred position of the feet, and the intended use.

No loopholes for moisture and dirt
Apart from the axle exit point, the Syntace NumberNine² Titan pedal is air and moisture tight all round. The pedal body rotates completely closed around the outer axle end, the point which is most susceptible to moisture, grit and dirt. The only required seal of Syntace NumberNine² Titan is a distinctive radial precision shaft seal, especially developed by Syntace and positioned on the inside in front of the axle thread. Thanks to the shape of the pedal body which comes close to the crank arm the seal is nicely nested inside the pedal body where it is protected by the crank arm.

GreaseGun ready
The built-in stain resistant sealed Syntace Grease Port and the refined bearing design, which is interior open at one end, make NumberNineTitan² pedal from the outside lubricatable within seconds. In order multiples prolonged bearing durability, compared with conventionally lubricated ball bearings.

Always nicely horizontal
The Syntace bearing design slows the free spinning motion without load just enough so that when you lift your feet off the pedals, the pedals remain in their position, and are right there for you to place your foot back on the pedal in the same position. The "little helper" has neither noticeable nor measurable adverse effects on normal pedalling as it is not in line with the load force.

Note: Max. rider weight up to 140 kg.
Included in delivery: pedals incl. pins (4.2 mm, not pre-installed) and pin socket wrench
Weight supplement: size S incl. pins)
approx. 296 gram (size M incl. pins)
approx. 312 gram (size L incl. pins)
(manufacturer's specs

Fact Sheet of Syntace NumberNine² Titanium Pedal - black

Product Name: Syntace NumberNine² Titanium Pedal - black
Manufacturer: Syntace
Item Code: SYN277777
cleats mounting: without
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB
weight limit: 140kg
Pedal Version: Flat Pedal / Platform Pedal
Pedal Thread Size: 9/16 "
Model year: 2024
Color: Black
weight: 282g
Material pedal axle: Titanium
Material pedal body: Aluminum
Manufacturer page: http://www.syntace.com