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Paul Component Melvin Chain Keeper - black

Paul Component Melvin Chain Keeper - black

Want to build a single speed without having to buy a dedicated frame? Try the Melvin. The Melvin bolts to the frame where the rear derailleur would normally go and allows the use of a single speed rear wheel on bikes with vertical dropouts.

Vertical dropouts hold the rear axle at a fixed distance from the cranks and nine times out of ten this doesn’t put the rear wheel at the right spot for a single speed drivetrain. The result is a chain that is too loose or too tight. The Melvin takes care of the chain tension and lets you run a single speed wheel on almost any frame with a derailleur hanger.
The Melvin uses two pulleys, just like a rear derailleur, which gives it 20 teeth of chain wrap. This means that the Melvin will work with multiple front chain rings while maintaining proper chain tension. Of course this is no longer a true single speed, but can come in handy when two or three gears are all you need. Twenty teeth of chain wrap means that chain rings with a maximum difference of twenty teeth can be used up front.
The mounting pivot has spacers that can be arranged to adjust the chainline. The Melvin works best, of course, with Paul's hubs, but the chainline spacers allow it to work with most other hubs too. In addition to the pivot spacers, the pulleys have side to side float to quiet slight variances in chainline.
The pulleys are made of extruded and machined aluminum and have sealed bearings for durability. They are 2.25 mm thick at the tooth which fits inside most narrow multi-speed chains, and the pulley cage is wide enough to allow 1/8″ single speed chains as well.
Included in delivery: one chain tensioner
Material: 6061 aluminium
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Paul Component Melvin Chain Keeper - black

Product Name: Paul Component Melvin Chain Keeper - black
Manufacturer: Paul Component Engineering
Item Code: PAU319494
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: Road Bike, MTB
shifting system: Single Speed (3/32"), Single Speed (1/8")
rear derailleur capacity: 20
max. chainring spread teeth: 20
rear derailleur version: Chain Tensioner
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 76g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: