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ORTLIEB Rack Three Bike Rack

ORTLIEB Rack Three Bike Rack

More luggage carrier does not go!

With the ORTLIEB Rack Three you can not only cycle to work and shopping, but also go on a big tour. The special feature of this all-round luggage carrier is that it combines all ORTLIEB mounting systems: Rack Three is equipped with the practical mounting elements for the Quick-Lock3.1/Quick-Lock3 system. So you can attach all ORTLIEB bags with this system directly, without further conversion. If you want to use the Rack Three exclusively for your Quick-Lock2.1/2/1 bags, the QL3.1/QL3 bracket elements can be easily unscrewed, which creates more space for the suspension bags.

Thanks to double railing, all bike bags with the QL2.1, QL2 and QL1 system can be hung both at the top and one floor lower. The latter gives you the opportunity to simultaneously attach a bike basket or trunk bag on top of the rack, so you can further expand your storage space.

Features of the ORTLIEB Rack Three luggage carrier

  • For wheel size 26"/28" (1 size)
  • Width of the support surface 120 mm
  • Compatible with all ORTLIEB mounting systems (Quick-Lock1, 2, 2.1, 3 or 3.1)
  • With three integrated QL3/QL3.1 mounting elements on each side
  • No further attachments necessary for QL3/QL3.1 bag attachment
  • Suitable for direct attachment of QL3/QL3.1 products such as Back-Roller Urban, Single-Bag, Office-Bag, Downtown Two, and Commuter-Bag
  • QL3/QL3.1 mounting brackets can be easily disassembled: easy attachment of panniers with QL1, 2 or 2.1 system;
    Screw holes can be covered with enclosed blind plugs
  • Second attachment level allows simultaneous use of panniers and basket or trunk bag
  • Holder for optional rear light (not included)
  • Maximum load 30 kg

Fact Sheet of ORTLIEB Rack Three Bike Rack

Product Name: ORTLIEB Rack Three Bike Rack
Manufacturer: ORTLIEB
Item Code: ORT363166
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
wheel size: 26" (559mm), 26" (571mm), 28" (622mm), 26" (590mm), 28" (635mm)
luggage carrier mount: frame mount
carrier features: without spring clamp, 4-point mount
max. load: 30kg
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 700g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: