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Park Tool

Park Tool 100-3D Clamp

Park Tool 100-3D Clamp

100-3D Micro-Adjust professional clamp.
This is what Park Toll claims to be one of the best professional clamps made. It is smooth, versatile and built to satnd up to everyday shop use. With it's Micro Adjust System, the narrow jaws can practically grab any tube diameter with the desired downforce.


  • Incremental adjustment-system for quick dis-, and mounting of the bike. Handy rotary handle for easy adjustment of the wide clamping range.
  • Smooth grip: soft, yet durable rubber jaws, joined by an unique Soft Touch saddle-adapter for temporary bike fixation at the saddle.
  • It clamps nearly any tube profile on the market, incl. aerotubes and -seatposts of 7/8“ up to 3“ (23 - 76mm).
  • The narrow clamping width ensures safe fixation of narrow frames and short seatposts.
  • The infinitely fine adjustable Micro Adjus-System avoids damages to thinwalled tubes.
  • Rubber jaws #1960 are used here.
  • Compatibility:
    All MY of PRS-2, PRS-3, PRS-4 as well as PRS-33

Material: steel

Fact Sheet of Park Tool 100-3D Clamp

Product Name: Park Tool 100-3D Clamp
Manufacturer: Park Tool
Item Code: PTO375362
activity: Cycling
working/trueing stand accessories: Spare Parts
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
weight: 100g
manufacturer item code: 100-3D
Manufacturer page: