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Cyclus Tools Head Tube Reamer with Reamer

Cyclus Tools Head Tube Reamer with Reamer

Tool for reaming head tubes

With this head tube reamer you create precisely leveled and coaxially exact plane cup seats on the head tube. Turn the reamer evenly clockwise (also when removing the head tube cutter). Always use suitable cutting oil for the material to be cutted.

  • max. head tube length: 190 mm
  • max. milling depth: 15 mm
  • max. wall tube thickness: 4 mm
  • max. internal diameter: 30 mm (1" ), 34 mm (1 1/8" )


  • Install the reamer on the prepared seating of the tool holder.
  • Screw the spindle with conical guide, spring and thrust bearing into the tool holder.


  • First, remove the conical guide from the spindle.
  • Insert the tool from above into the head tube of the frame. Put the conical guide on the spindle again and apply pressure with the spring.
  • Rotate the tool clockwise. Use cutting oil while working. Continue to rotate clockwise, while taking the tool out of the head tube.
  • Repeat the above steps to ream the bottom side of the head tube.


  • Before reaming, remove evetually existing chrome plates on the frame, to avoid early abrasion of the reamer.
  • After reaming you might need to remove sharp edges with file.
  • After the use, clean the reamer and keep it in a safe place.

Fact Sheet of Cyclus Tools Head Tube Reamer with Reamer

Product Name: Cyclus Tools Head Tube Reamer with Reamer
Manufacturer: Cyclus Tools
Item Code: CYC375646
activity: Cycling
Workspace: Fork / Shock, Headset
tool type: Cutting tools / thread cutter
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
weight: 2100g
Manufacturer page: http://www.ra-co.de/cyclus-tools.html?&L=3