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Dynamic Wet Lube Premium - 100ml

Dynamic Wet Lube Premium - 100ml

Dynamic Wet Lube Premium is optimized to keep your drive train running silky smooth in muddy and wet conditions.

Dynamic Wet Lube is a high performance lubricant with an additive for increased performance. The alcohol will enhance the creep capabilities and helps to distribute the lubricant evenly on your bicycle chain. The oil will penetrate deeply into each chain link’s core to provide ultimate lubrication and protection. Dynamic Wet lube keeps moving parts operating smoothly, reduces friction and protects against corrosion. It holds up in the most extreme situations.

Wet Lube is optimized to last long in wet and muddy conditions. For best results, use Dynamic Wet lube after cleaning your chain with Dynamic Chain Cleaner. Afterwards, apply the chain lube on each chain link and/or moving parts of your bike.

  • lubrication interval: 250 km
  • pressure resistance: 80 N/mm2 (Brugger standard)
  • water reistance: high
  • viscosity: liquid (at 20°C)
  • friction coefficient: very low

Fact Sheet of Dynamic Wet Lube Premium - 100ml

Product Name: Dynamic Wet Lube Premium - 100ml
Manufacturer: Dynamic
Item Code: DYN376668
activity: Cycling
Care & clean - Product type: Oil
Workspace: Chain
content: 100ml
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
weight: 100g