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TUNAP Sports

TUNAP Sports Brake Cleaner - 300ml

TUNAP Sports Brake Cleaner - 300ml

Dirty brakes bring less braking power. Clean disc brakes bring safety. The TUNAP SPORTS brake cleaner cleans without leaving residues for optimum braking performance and dissolves brake dust, oil residues and grease from the disc and piston intensively but gently. Surfaces remain untouched and rubber seals are not attacked. Due to a new health protection formula, the brake cleaner is harmless to humans. TUNAP SPORTS produces the cleaner in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way from renewable raw materials.

Highlights of the TUNAP SPORTS Brake Cleaner

  • Excellent degreasing
  • Works intensively against oily and greasy dirt, as well as against all brake residues
  • Without harmful n-hexane
  • Hardly inflammable high safety cleaner

Scope of delivery:

1x 300ml TUNAP SPORTS brake cleaner.

Fact Sheet of TUNAP Sports Brake Cleaner - 300ml

Product Name: TUNAP Sports Brake Cleaner - 300ml
Manufacturer: TUNAP Sports
Item Code: TNP379768
activity: Cycling
care & clean application: Brake Cleaning
care & clean product : Spray
content: 300ml
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
weight: 290g
Manufacturer page: http://www.tunap-sports.de