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Ass Savers FRB-4 Fendor Bendor Big Mudguard - Detour

Ass Savers FRB-4 Fendor Bendor Big Mudguard - Detour

The Detour collection is a tribute to those who see a roadblock as a sign of something great, not a dead end.

Features of Ass Savers FRB-4 Fendor Bendor Big

  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Perfect for gravel or MTB.
  • Super lightweight with mur 61g.
  • Durable material
  • Fits tire widths 32-55mm.
  • Dimensions: 555x80mm (effective).
  • Weight: 61g
  • Material: 1mm PP (polypropylene)

Universal fit

With the new support design, the FENDOR BENDOR Regular is completely self-supporting, so it can be attached to bikes without the support on the seat stays or brake bridge. You can also mount it above the side-pull brake to avoid interference.

For the rough

It was developed for gravel and adventure bikes, but also does well on cross bikes and MTB's. Due to the increased length and width, it is perfectly adapted to the longer wheelbase that is common on bikes in these segments. A single fold in the middle still allows a comfortable ride while maintaining stiffness for the rocky trails.

Frame protection with 3M

The Fendor Bendor comes with frame protection stickers from 3M. The special material was originally designed to protect rotor blades against sandstorms in the desert, and ensures that the Fendor Bender won't leave a scratch on your beloved bike.

Details of the Ass Savers FRB-4 Fendor Bendor Big Splash Guard.

Most bikepacking gear isn't 100% waterproof, and a good set of "fenders" can save you from the misery of having a wet sleeping bag or clothes at the end of the day. Even if the kit is completely waterproof, you'll appreciate less mud on the bags when you stop to take off a jacket or when you bring the bags into the tent after a hard day in the saddle. The complete kit adds less than 85 grams to the total weight of your gear, making it ideal for ultralight bikepacking.

Visually, the Detour collection is inspired by the stunning scenery of the Torino-Nice Rally, a 700km self-supported bikepacking event in the French-Italian Alps. During the 2018 edition, designer Jesper Jonsson and Staffan Widell, founder of Ass Savers, shared a bivouac overlooking a spectacular sunset over the last mountain range before the finish line in Nice on the final evening of the event.

The FENDOR BENDOR Big does the dirty work. The completely redesigned attachment makes it child's play to attach the mud flap to virtually any bike in seconds without tools.

Please note that the Ass Saver Fendor Bendor, although very useful and highly appreciated by the cycling community, is only an emergency mudguard and does not have the same efficiency as a full mudguard.

Scope of delivery:

1 Fendor Bendor Big incl. transparent protective sticker.

Fact Sheet of Ass Savers FRB-4 Fendor Bendor Big Mudguard - Detour

Product Name: Ass Savers FRB-4 Fendor Bendor Big Mudguard - Detour
Manufacturer: Ass Savers
Item Code: ASA393527
activity: Cycling
material: Composite
usage bikesport: MTB, Gravel
Fender mounting position: Chainstays
Fender style: # Rear, Quick release / hook & loop fastener
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Grey
weight: 61g
manufacturer item code: FRB-4