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CeramicSpeed Coated OSPW 3D Titanium Pulley Wheels for Shimano 9100

CeramicSpeed Coated OSPW 3D Titanium Pulley Wheels for Shimano 9100

These pulleys are compatible with all Shimano 9100-series 11-speed rear derailleurs, both mechanical and electronic. The included spacers work only with Shimano 11-speed rear derailleurs.

Entirely developed, designed and produced in Denmark by CeramicSpeed, the Oversized Pulley Wheel System is a technologic advance for the cycling industry. Matching the highest quality materials with a unique design, the OSPW System delivers lower friction and longer lifetime, improving your competitive advantage. Thanks to the OSPW System the power savings start at 40% and the CeramicSpeed Bearing inside guarantees a longer lifetime. The watt savings with a CeramicSpeed OSPW System start at about 1.6 watts and more.

These hollow 3D printed oversize pulley wheels are 10% lighter than aluminium oversized pulleys. The innovative 3D printed technology provides the pulleys with a two times longer lifetime compared to the aluminium version. This product is an exclusive option designed for maximum strength and lower friction.

The combination of 3D printed titanium oversized pulley wheels and coated CeramicSpeed Bearings result in the best pulley wheels in the world. Since the pulley wheels are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike, this CeramicSpeed upgrade is the most effective way to save energy or improve your time.

CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings

CeramicSpeed coated products are covered by a lifetime warranty*. The unique coating formula is a metallic layer that covers the bearing races and makes them 75% harder than steel. Thanks to this, they are highly resistant to corrosion and the coating provides an even lower friction than our standard bearings. Even if the bearing is contaminated with degreaser, water or mud, the risk of bearing failure due to corrosion is negligible if you choose the coated version.

* the lifetime warranty covers all coated bearings and OSPW derailleur cages of CeramicSpeed - and this even retroactively to all products purchased from 01.01.2021. The confidence in our own products should be passed on to the customers at this point. Products outside the new warranty terms will continue to be covered by a four-year warranty.
All information on the warranty conditions can be found at:

Only suitable for Shimano Ultegra 8000 and Dura Ace 9100 derailleurs.

Included in delivery: pulley wheel system, oil, spacer, sticker sheet

Fact Sheet of CeramicSpeed Coated OSPW 3D Titanium Pulley Wheels for Shimano 9100

Product Name: CeramicSpeed Coated OSPW 3D Titanium Pulley Wheels for Shimano 9100
Manufacturer: CeramicSpeed
Item Code: CSP396473
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium, Titanium, Ceramic
usage bikesport: MTB
groupset: Shimano, Shimano Di2 (electronic)
rear derailleur accessories: Jockey Wheels, Cage Parts
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black