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Brunox Turbo-Spray 400ml

Brunox Turbo-Spray 400ml

Unblocking, loosening, freeing up

BRUNOX Turbo-Spray is a long-term lubricant based on a balanced mixture of hydrocarbons with the additive TURBOLINE.

Features of the Turbo-Spray

  • Brilliant all-rounder for trade, industry and home
  • Free of silicone, PTFE, graphite and nanoparticles. No resinifying!
  • Guaranteed lubricating properties to - 50 ° C. Flash point 78 ° C. Layerthickness 1-2 µm.
  • Very good creeping capability. Good corrosion protection. Available in aerosol & bulk
  • Brilliant care of aluminium, chrome, stainless steel, copper and brass
  • NSF H2 - certified

Various applications

For all and for everything used in and around the house. For garden equipment & machines, bicycles and strollers, model making, electrical equipment, ships and fishing equipment.

Included in delivery: 1 can with 400ml

Hazard statement


Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.

Flammable aerosol.

Pressurized container: may burst if heated.

Fact Sheet of Brunox Turbo-Spray 400ml

Product Name: Brunox Turbo-Spray 400ml
Manufacturer: Brunox
Item Code: BRU103224
activity: Cycling
Care & clean - Product type: Oil, Spray
Workspace: Universal
content: 400ml
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
weight: 420g
Manufacturer page: http://www.brunox.ch/