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Katadyn Pocket Filter

Katadyn Pocket Filter

The robust Katadyn Pocket is THE filter for the toughest demands. Anyone planning longer tours or traveling to regions where the availability of spare parts is low, does well to invest in this robust and very durable model. The Pocket shines at the same time with robustness & ease of care.

The robust Katadyn Pocket water filter is a ceramic depth filter against bacteria, protozoa and other pathogens. The pores of the filter ceramic (pore size: 0.2 micron = 0.0002 mm) are smaller than the microorganisms. Because of their size, they cannot pass through the filter element and are removed from the water.

Features of the Katadyn Pocket water filter

  • Hand pump
  • Suitable for slightly turbid water
  • Cleaning possible on the go
  • For frequent use on the go
  • Lightweight and portable, ideal for backpacking

Efficient, durable and hard-wearing water purification is especially important when embarking on extreme adventures. For decades, military and rescue services around the world have relied on the Pocket. The steel, nearly indestructible filter comes with a 20-year warranty - a vote of confidence you can truly rely on.

Scope of delivery of the Katadyn Pocket Filter

1x ceramic filter element with water outlet
1x check valve with water inlet
1x pump plunger with screw cap
1x filter cover
1x suction hose with strainer basket & float
1x outlet hose
1x storage bag
1x instruction manual

Fact Sheet of Katadyn Pocket Filter

Product Name: Katadyn Pocket Filter
Manufacturer: Katadyn
Item Code: KAT440139
activity: Outdoor, Trekking
dimensions (l/w/h): 240/60/60mm
water treatment operation: mechanical/physical
filter medium: Ceramic
filter pore size: 0.2μm
filter cleanable: yes
Filter effective against: Bacteria, Protozoa, Microorganisms, Cysts, Sediments
flow rate: 1l/min
filter life: 50000l
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 550g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: