Cannondale Wheel Sensor by Garmin

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Description of Cannondale Wheel Sensor by Garmin

Uncomplicated tracking!

The Cannondale wheel sensor, in conjunction with the Cannondale App, automatically records when you ride. Don't even press Start, just start riding!

Developed in collaboration with Garmin, the Cannondale wheel sensor (CP1500U10OS) accurately records speed, distance and time. Up to 30 rides can be stored before synchronization with the app is required. The wheel sensor can easily be used on several bicycles and is capable of BLE – ANT+.

Note: Some impellers are not compatible with the Cannondale wheel sensor.
CP1400U10OS - Mounting adapter for wheel sensor is required for some wheels.
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Fact Sheet of Cannondale Wheel Sensor by Garmin

Product Name: Cannondale Wheel Sensor by Garmin
Manufacturer: Cannondale Equipment
Item Code: CAN454552
transmission standard: ANT+, Bluetooth
device sensors: Speed Sensors, Others
Model year: 2020
Color: Black
manufacturer item code: CP1500U10OS
Manufacturer page:
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Customer Reviews
not good
Never connected well to my cannondale APP in my phone. Exchanged Cannondale wheel sensor for a new one (same model) and still did not work. Now the sensor is sitting idle, and 50 eur to the trash bin.

Bike24: We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the product. If it was purchased at Bike24, please get in touch with our customer support. The Bike24 service team is your partner on the way to a satisfying and lasting solution.
Very difficult to install, with the tiny plastic parts (or even just to choose which tiny part is compatible with your spoke setup). It does it's job, but needs to be completely removed and reinstalled at every battery change. It is made by Garmin, but the original Garmin speed sensor is just a way better design.

Bike24: Sometimes a product just does not provide the value we expect. This is an unpleasant experience, but also a chance for a fresh start. Please contact the Bike24 customer support and let us look into the issue. Together we can find a solution that meets your individual expectations and requirements best.
sehr gute Alternative zu Wahoo Sensoren
Der von mir favorisierte Wahoo RPM Speed war nicht mit den Naben für mein neues Lastenradprojekt kompatibel. (SP Nabendynamo vorn, Veltec 414 hinten)
Leider konnte ich im Vorfeld keine Informationen finden, inwieweit der Sensor mit der Cyclemeter-App kompatibel ist, die ich mit anderen Rädern benutze -
also ausprobiert...

+ funktioniert einwandfrei mit der Cyclemeter-App und iPhone SE mit IOS 13.3.1
+ diverse Adapter (Kunststoff) zur Befestigung für alle möglichen Speichenbilder
o Montage etwas fummelig
o der Sensor muss für einen Batteriewechsel vom Laufrad demontiert werden
- bisher nichts

Lieferung duch bike24 wie immer schnell und zuverlässig.
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