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FollowMe Cargo Bike Trailer - .

FollowMe Cargo Bike Trailer - .

Small - light - strong!

FollowMe-Cargo is a light and manoeuvrable bike cargo trailer - designed to transport loads behind the bike.

Advantages compared to two-track load trailers

  • fixed connection to the towing bike
  • simple follow-up behaviour and absolute tracking accuracy
  • narrow silhouette at one handlebar width level
  • easier and more sporty handling, especially in bends or on bumpy roads and off-road terrain
  • no tipping hazard

Functionality of FollowMe Cargo

Single basic assembly

Once mounted, the cargo adapter remains permanently on the towing bicycle. The different versions of special quick release, full axle adapter or quick-release axle replace the originally installed parts - this enables coupling and uncoupling in seconds.

Particularly large space

The additional carrier "on" the bike creates space. Not only does it provide space for carrying additional panniers, but it also allows the problem-free transport of large-volume luggage such as sleeping bags or sleeping mats.

Tool-free connection

The trailer is connected to the towing bicycle in a stable and secure way in just a few simple steps and completely without tools. The frame is attached to the pre-assembled adapters and secured with thumbscrews and additional pins.

Very good rolling characteristics

The two-point suspension provides a stable connection to the towing bike. The 20" wheel and the linkage at axle height keep the centre of gravity very low - this ensures particularly light, manoeuvrable handling and a very small curve radius.

Specifications of FollowMe Cargo

  • Towing bike: all 26" - 29" (tires up to max. 2.6, depending on tire profile) with and without rear suspension ("Fully") with quick-release wheel attachment - wheels with full axle, thru axle or wheel hub gears can be prepared with optionally available adapters

  • Material: stable steel frame construction, powder-coated
  • Load capacity: max. 28 kg

Advantages of FollowMe Cargo

Suitable for every bicycle

The particularly safe and fixed mounting option of the FollowMe-Cargo on the towing bicycle allows it to be mounted on any type of bicycle, whether classic city or trekking bike, sporty bikes without a fixed carrier (all mountain bikes (including full-suspension MTBs), racing bikes, folding bikes, etc.), but also all unicycle vehicles such as adult scooters.

Stable and secure

The particularly stable and secure connection consists of a very stable front frame (yoke) which is screwed firmly to the towing bicycle by various adapters (available as accessories for all axle systems) and this ensures an extraordinary stability of the FollowMe Cargo trailer system.

The load to be pulled is firmly connected to the towing bicycle and is evenly and securely supported on both sides of the frame and especially low in the towing bicycle. This ensures extremely neutral and safe riding - especially when cornering and braking. This ensures maximum stability, safety and true track following.

This horizontally movable axle mount and the vertical pivot axle in the rear frame construction of the FollowMe-Cargo, in combination with the small 20" wheel, enables a very small curve radius and particularly manoeuvrable handling.

20“ wheel

The use of a small 20" wheel significantly increases the torsional stiffness. This makes the FollowMe-Cargo load trailer very stable and particularly manoeuvrable even with a load, the centre of gravity of the load remains close to the rear wheel of the towing wheel and very low overall. This has a positive effect on the driving characteristics: firmly attached to the towing wheel, but still fully mobile, the FollowMe-Cargo inclines into the curve together with its deep-seated luggage, allowing safe, manoeuvrable and fast cornering. The more compact design of the 20" wheel also offers increased vertical and horizontal stability and thus a higher load limit.

Rear frame

The rear frame of the FollowMe-Cargo is a load-bearing frame construction and at the same time a carrier. No further base frame or swingarm element is required. This improves stiffness and offers more universal luggage attachment options. The type of frame construction offers a variety of attachment options for universal baggage transport of all types. As standard, many different types of panniers or transport cases can be securely attached to the left and right.

Due to the elongated construction, XL packing bags (formerly recumbent bags) with a larger volume can also be attached to the carrier. These offer an even larger packing volume. Large-volume luggage such as sleeping bags or sleeping mats can be transported safely and dust-free. The narrow carrier surface above the base frame offers additional fastening options for light, longer and narrow pieces of luggage, such as tent poles.

FollowMe Cargo - scope of delivery

  • complete trailer set with basic carrier, black powder-coated
  • 20" wheel with aluminium hollow-chamber rim and puncture protection tires with reflective stripes
  • Mounting set with quick-release axle for mounting on towing bicycle with hollow axle (wheel fastening by quick-release rear axle) and two safety screws (wing screw with safety split pin)

Material: steel
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs

Fact Sheet of FollowMe Cargo Bike Trailer - .

Product Name: FollowMe Cargo Bike Trailer - .
Manufacturer: FollowMe
Item Code: FME460627
activity: Cycling
max. load: 28kg
Trailer/Child Seat Version: Cargo Trailer, Bicycle Trailer
Model year: 2024
Color: Black
weight: 4850g
Manufacturer page: http://www.followme-tandem.com