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HUUB Design Toy Buoy 4 - black/red

HUUB Design Toy Buoy 4 - black/red

For larger swimmers and swimmers with sinking legs in the water, traditional pullbuoys are simply not suitable and offer little help in improving body alignment. The HUUB Big Buoy offers a massive 23 Newtons of buoyancy compared to a standard pullbuoy, which on average is only 17 Newtons. For athletes training for wetsuit swimming, the HUUB Toy Buoy is the perfect training partner and allows you to simulate the leg buoyancy offered by HUUB wetsuits.

Features of the HUUB Design Toy Buoy 4

  • Simulate wetsuit swimming during training

  • Variance in use due to exclusive design, buoyancy and size

  • For triathletes with sinking legs

  • Provides a massive 23 newtons of buoyancy

  • Improved posture in the water

Fact Sheet of HUUB Design Toy Buoy 4 - black/red

Product Name: HUUB Design Toy Buoy 4 - black/red
Manufacturer: HUUB Design
Item Code: HUB463491
activity: Swim
Swim training products: Pullbuoys
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 30g