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SILCA Hirobel Frame Clamp for Repair Stand

SILCA Hirobel Frame Clamp for Repair Stand

Hirobel is a specially designed clamp for bicycle repair stands which makes it easier to work on your bike. It better distributes stresses and loads through the bicycle frame, offering superior stability while eliminating possible crushing or damage to thin-walled and shaped tubing.

Features of the Hirobel Frame Clamp:

  • Maximum support and stability with minimum clamping force
  • Distribution of the load over the entire bicycle frame
  • size adjustable
  • compatible with all repair stands with clamping devices
  • prevents crushing and damage on the bycicle frame
  • reduces the stress on the back compared to a standard stand
Anyone currently using a clamp-based bicycle repair stand will benefit from Hirobel. This includes those seeking improved weight distribution and stability when working on exotic-shaped, oversized, heavy, or non-standard geometry bicycles such as carbon, enduro/downhill, tandem, kid and e-bikes.

Fact Sheet of SILCA Hirobel Frame Clamp for Repair Stand

Product Name: SILCA Hirobel Frame Clamp for Repair Stand
Manufacturer: SILCA
Item Code: SIL463579
activity: Cycling
working/trueing stand accessories: Adapter
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
weight: 957g
Manufacturer page: