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DT Swiss R 232 ONE Rear Shock - Trunnion

DT Swiss R 232 ONE Rear Shock - Trunnion


XC Evolution - The DT Swiss 232 ONE platform

Everything in the world progresses, including Cross Country mountain biking. XC tracks are becoming harder, with steeper uphills and more technical descents. Man-made obstacles such as berms, drops, logs and waves demand everything from riders and their equipment. That is why DT Swiss developed the 232 ONE platform components: Engineered to push the boundaries of Cross Country even further. Defining the benchmark in performance to weight.

Ready to float - The DT Swiss R 232 ONE shock

The Cross Country optimized LINE AIR spring curve of the DT Swiss R 232 ONE rear shock allows you to float over root carpets and offers enough end progression to forget the chicken lines and take tall drops on the XC courses. The three-position adjustment of the IN CONTROL damping offers the perfect compression level for every situation – LOCK for sprints on even sections, DRIVE for technical climbs and OPEN mode to allow you to keep your brakes open on the downhills.

LINEAIR - XC specific spring curve

The R 232 ONE uses a dual-air chamber system which is autobalanced by a bypass. When the shock is fully extended, the pressure in the negative air chamber is higher than in the positive air chamber. This reduces the breakaway force, offering perfect traction and sensitivity. When the shock compresses, the piston moves over the bypass of the air chamber. When the piston is located on the bypass, the bypass ensures pressure equalization of the positive and negative air chamber. When the shock is compressed further, only the air inside the positive air chamber is compressed and the negative chamber is depressurized.

INCONTROL - On-the-fly damping adjustment

INCONTROL adjusts the oil flow by opening and closing the HSC and LSC channels and therefore the compression tune. This allows you to adapt your setup to every riding situation. Its three stages, on-the-fly damping adjustment offers the perfect compression tune - OPEN for descents, DRIVE for technical uphills, and LOCK for sprints on even sections.

Technical details of the R 232 ONE rear shock

  • material: aluminium (air chamber, oil chamber)
  • spring system: LINEAIR (XC optimized spring curve)
  • damping system: INCONTROL (adjustable lowspeed rebound)
  • travel: 40 mm
  • tune: medium (rebound) - medium (compression)
  • weight (remote version each):
    approx. 230 grams (190 x 45 mm, Standard Mount)
    approx. 300 grams (165 x 45 mm, Trunnion Mount)

Included in delivery: rear shock without bushings

Fact Sheet of DT Swiss R 232 ONE Rear Shock - Trunnion

Product Name: DT Swiss R 232 ONE Rear Shock - Trunnion
Manufacturer: DT Swiss
Item Code: DTS468241
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB, Cross Country
Rear Shock/Spring Version: Air Shock
fork/shock adjustability: Pressure positive air chamber, Pressure negative air chamber, Low speed compression, Low speed rebound, Lockout
shock fitting length: 190mm (metric), 210mm (metric)
lower shock mount: Bushing
upper shock mount: Trunnion
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
weight: 300g
manufacturer item code: C232OCLECESA29282S (165 x 40 mm)
C232OCMECESA29290S 165 x 45 mm)
C232ONDECESA29301S (185 x 50 mm)
C232ONEECESA29305S (185 x 55 mm)
Manufacturer page: http://www.dtswiss.com